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Summary: DMV Point System

When you commit traffic violations, your state DMV will record them on your driving record. Some states use a point system, which correlate points to different traffic violation codes. Other states simply take action against your driver's license based upon the severity of your violation. Click your state to find more information about DMV points.

Most states (but not all) operate a points system to track dangerous or careless drivers. In these pages you can learn about the points system in your state, and how to track the points against your driving record.

Accumulating points on your driving record is costly. Your insurance premiums will go up, and after a specific number of points, your license can be suspended or revoked; to get your license reinstated you will pay hundreds of dollars in fines and fees.

Browse through to learn how many points certain driving offenses tally. Find out how to get a copy of your driving record, who to contact if there is an error on your record, and even how to maintain a clean driving history.

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