Types of Special License Plates in Pennsylvania

SUMMARY: Types of Pennsylvania Specialty Plates

In Pennsylvania, you can choose from several types of specialty license plates, from vanity plates to plates that benefit charity organizations. Many membership groups, including college alumni associations and service groups, offer organizational license plates.

Keep reading for information about the different types of license plates offered in Pennsylvania.


Vanity Plates in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) offers vanity license plates with your own personalized combination of numbers and letters.

A custom tag number CAN have:

  • Up to 7 characters (both letters and number).
  • A hyphen OR a space, but not both. (The hyphen or space DOES NOT count as a character.)

Your vanity tag CANNOT have:

  • Any special characters.
  • Profanity or offensive language.

To see if your desired plate number is available, do a license plate search on the PennDOT website.

The fee for a vanity plate is $97 PLUS the standard registration fee for your vehicle.

For application information, visit our Applying for Specialty License Plates in PA page.

Special Fund Plates

PennDOT offers several special fund plates that benefit various non-profit organizations.

Special fund plates have a special background and plate design OR a small image on the standard plate background.

The fees are charged IN ADDITION to regular Pennsylvania registration fees.

  • River Otter Wild Resources Conservation Fund Plate license plate: $41.
  • Pennsylvania Zoological Council tag: $62.
  • Preserve Our Heritage plate: $62.
  • Honoring Our Veterans tag: $41.
  • Pennsylvania Monuments license plate: $62.

The plates, except for Preserve Our Heritage, can be personalized for an additional fee.

For application details, see Applying for Specialty License Plates.

Organizational License Plates

PennDOT offers hundreds of organizational license plates via the organizations that sponsor those plates.

Organizational tags have the same background as the standard PA license plate, but also show the organization's emblem and name.

License plates available for organizations include:

  • Colleges and universities, such as:
    • The University of Pittsburgh.
    • Virginia Tech.
  • Special interest groups, including:
    • The Appalachian Trail Conservancy.
    • PA Choose Life.
  • Youth organizations such as:
    • The 4H Youth Program.
    • Girl Scouts of the USA.
  • Service organizations, including:
    • The Lions Club.
    • The Shriners.
  • Veterans' organizations, for example:
    • The Veterans of Foreign Wars.
    • The 82nd Airborne Division Association.
  • Professions and professional groups, for example:
    • The Avondale Fire Company.
    • The PA State Nurses' Association.

For a complete list of organizational tags, visit the PennDOT website.

Fees vary and are available from the organization that sponsors the plate. In most cases, additional fees that are assessed on top of the standard plate fee go to the organization.

NOTE: You must be a member of the organization to be eligible for the tag.

Military Tags in Pennsylvania

Military license plates are available if you're an eligible military service member or veteran in Pennsylvania.

To be eligible, you must have evidence of the military service or award that matches the plate you want. Proof of eligibility includes your:

  • Discharge papers.
  • Military ID.

Several types of military plates are available, including ones representing:

  • Military veterans (general veteran license plate).
  • Military branches, such as:
    • Army Veterans.
    • Merchant Marines.
  • Military conflicts, including:
    • Operation Enduring Freedom.
    • The Korean War.
  • Medals and other honors, for example:
    • The Silver Star.
    • The Air Force Cross.

A complete list of military tags is available on the PennDOT website.

Fees for military license plates vary, for example:

See the PennDOT website for a complete list of military tag fees.

Several military organization plates are also available. See Organizational Plates for more information.

Historic PA License Plates

Multiple license plates are available from PennDOT for historic vehicles:

  • The Antique Motor Vehicle plate is for vehicles that are:
    • Over 25 years old (based on the year of manufacture).
    • Close to their original design and condition, either through maintenance or restoration.
  • The Classic Motor Vehicle tag is for vehicles that:
    • Were made at least 15 years before the year you apply for the tag.
    • Maintain most of their original appearance and condition.
  • The Vintage Motor Vehicle license plate is:
    • An authentic PA license plate issued the year your vehicle was manufactured that you have acquired yourself. (PennDOT does not issue these plates.)
    • For vehicles made from 1906 to 1976.

Fees for historical license plates vary:

  • Antique or classic plates: $96.
  • Vintage license plates:
    • $96 vehicle registration.
    • $96 vintage plate application fee.

Visit Applying for Specialty PA License Plates for application instructions.

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