Registration Renewal in Pennsylvania

To renew your car registration in Pennsylvania, you can:
  • Use PennDOT's online services portal.
  • Employ a third-party online service for one-click renewal.
  • Mail your renewal and payment to the address on your notice.
  • Visit your local office in person with your renewal notice and payment.

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Before your Pennsylvania vehicle registration expires, you must renew it with the PA Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Driver and Vehicle Services.

On this page you'll find information about renewing your registration online, by mail, and in person.


Effective December 31, 2016, PennDOT will no longer issue registration stickers as part of your registration/renewal process. For details, visit PennDOT's website.

PA Registration Renewal Notice

Before your vehicle registration expires, PennDOT will mail you a renewal notice/application.

If you did not receive a renewal notice, you will need to complete a Request for Registration (Form MV-140). Send the completed form and payment to:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles
1101 South Front St
Harrisburg, PA 17104.

Renew Your PA Vehicle Registration

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You can renew your Pennsylvania vehicle registration online, by mail, and in person.

If your vehicle is eligible (see your renewal notice OR contact PennDOT), you can register your vehicle for 2 years. You will have to pay double the registration fee.

After you complete your vehicle registration renewal, you will receive your permanent registration card in the mail for all by-mail renewals and some in-person renewals. You can check the status of your renewal by contacting PennDOT.

NOTE: Every year, your vehicle will need to pass a safety inspection and an emissions test, if applicable.


You can renew your vehicle registration online if:

  • The PennDOT has your current name and address on file.
  • Your registration will expire in 6 months or less.

To renew your registration online, visit the PennDOT website and:

  • Provide your:
    • Title number's first 8 digits.
    • PA license plate number.
    • Insurance information.
    • Odometer reading.
  • Print your registration card.
  • Pay the renewal fee.

By Mail

To renew your Pennsylvania vehicle registration by mail, follow the instructions on your renewal notice. If you have lost your notice or never received one you will need to fill out a Request for Registration (form MV-140).

Return your renewal notice and payment to PennDOT at the address indicated on your notice. 

In Person

To renew your PA vehicle registration in person, visit your local Pennsylvania DMV office or an on-line messenger service center with:

Some on-line message service centers may be able to issue you a new registration in person as opposed to mailing it to you. Ask the center nearest you about your options.

NOTE: On-line messenger services are third-party providers, and you may need to pay additional fees if renewing at an on-line messenger service.

Fees to Renew Your PA Vehicle Registration

Your PennDOT vehicle registration renewal will cost you the following fees.

NOTE: On-line messengers are independent from the PA DMV. If you complete your vehicle registration renewal at an on-line messenger service center, you may be charged an additional service fee.

  • Passenger vehicle: $45.
  • Motorcycle: $24.
  • Retired person vehicle registration: see the “Retired Pennsylvania Residents" section below.
  • Per year county fee.

Other vehicle registration fees vary by weight and vehicle class; please see the PennDOT website for a complete list of registration renewal fees.

Duplicate Registration Documents, Stickers, and License Plates

If you need to replace your registration card, sticker, or license plate, it will cost you the following fees:

  • Registration card (during an original registration, transfer, or renewal): $2.
  • Registration card (stand-alone request): $7.
  • License plate: $13

Retired Pennsylvania Residents

You can apply for a discounted retired status registration renewal fee when you renew your registration if you meet the qualifications.

You will need to complete your PA vehicle registration renewal by mail or in person (“Renew Your PA Vehicle Registration" above) and also complete an Application for a Retired Person's $10 Processing Fee on a Vehicle Registration (form MV-371) in addition to your registration renewal documents.

Either take your documents and payment to your local PennDOT office, or mail them to:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles
1101 South Front St
Harrisburg, PA 17104

Military Member Vehicle Registration Renewal

If you are an active duty military member stationed outside of Pennsylvania, you can renew your vehicle registration online or by mail.

Within 10 days of returning to Pennsylvania, you must get your vehicle inspected (see “PA Safety Inspections & Emissions Testing" below).

If you'd like to receive your PennDOT registration card and license plate sticker at an out-of-state address, complete a Self Certification for Proof of Residency form (MV-8). Send it to the address specified on the form.

NOTE: You must maintain insurance coverage for your vehicle to remain registered in Pennsylvania.

PA Safety Inspections & Emissions Testing

Every year, your vehicle will need to pass a safety and emissions inspection before your registration renewal.

For specific requirements and testing station locations in your county, please see the Drive Clean Pennsylvania website.

Your vehicle must pass an emissions test if:

  • Your vehicle is gas-powered, weighs 9,000 lbs. or less, and model year 1975 or newer.
  • You live in one of the counties that requires emissions testing.

Your vehicle may be exempt from emissions testing if:

  • It is a new car that has been driven less than 5,000 miles per year.
  • You have owned the vehicle for 1 year and driven it less than 5,000 miles.
    • In BOTH of the above cases, you must still visit an inspection testing station to receive an exempt sticker, which the station is allowed to charge for. 

Your vehicle is excluded from the emissions program if it is a:

  • Registered:
    • Street rod.
    • Classic vehicle.
    • Collectible vehicle.
    • Antique vehicle.
    • Specially constructed vehicle.
  • Motorcycle.

To determine which inspections your vehicle will need to pass before you can renew your registration, use the Drive Clean Pennsylvania Emission Test Calculator.

Duplicate Registration or License Plate

If your Pennsylvania license plate, registration card, or license plate sticker has been lost, stolen, or damaged, you can request a duplicate.

You'll need:

Take the above to your local Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) office or mail them to:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles
1101 South Front St
Harrisburg, PA 17104

Pennsylvania Registration Renewal: FAQs

How do I renew registration in PA?

To renew your registration in PA, determine whether you wish to (or are eligible to) renew online, by mail, or in person. Gather your renewal notice or a completed renewal application, and payment for your renewal fee. If you're renewing online, you'll also need information like your vehicle's odometer reading, title number, insurance info, etc. Follow the online or mail-in instructions on your notice, or head to your local PennDOT licensing center to renew in person.

How much is car registration in PA?

It costs $45 to renew a passenger vehicle registration in PA and $24 to renew a motorcycle registration. If you are renewing for two years, you'll double those fees.

How do I check my vehicle registration status in PA?

To check your vehicle registration status in PA, log into PennDOT's online services with your title number and license plate number. There, you'll see your registration information and options.

Can I get my PA registration renewed online?

Yes, you can renew your registration online in Pennsylvania if your renewal notice states you are eligible.


Self Certification for Proof of Residency Form
Use this form to certify your residency when applying for a PA car registration if your home address is located out-of-state (due to military service or work).
Request for Registration
Application for original OR renewed vehicle registration in Pennsylvania.
Application for Duplicate Registration Card, Replacement of Registration Plate or Weight Class Sticker
Application for duplicate Pennsylvania registration card, license plates, OR weight class sticker.
Application for a Retired Persons $10 Processing Fee on a Vehicle Registration
Use this form to request discounted vehicle registration fees from PennDOT if you're retired and meet the income requirements.
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