Motorcycle Registration in Pennsylvania


After June 30, 2017, motorcycle registration fees will change. See below for details.

As a Pennsylvanian, you must register your motorcycle with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) before riding on the road is allowed.

Use this guide to learn more about registering your motorcycle as a new PA resident AND as a current resident who just bought a bike.

Need to renew your motorcycle registration? Jump over to our Pennsylvania registration renewals guide for more.

New to Pennsylvania

After establishing Pennsylvania residency, you'll have 20 days to register your motorcycle with PennDOT.

BEFORE you can register your motorcycle in Pennsylvania, you'll need to obtain:

  • A Pennsylvania driver's license with a Class M designation.
  • Proof of your motorcycle's vehicle identification number (VIN) by:
    • Tracing or photographing the VIN yourself.
    • Getting a VIN verification from certified mechanic or notary official.

Once these requirements are completed, you can finish the registration process by providing the following items at your local PennDOT office:

Additionally, PennDOT requires your motorcycle to pass a safety inspection and, depending on your PA county of residence, an emissions inspection within 10 days of the registration date. Visit our guide to PA inspections for details.

Motorcycle Registration in Pennsylvania

The process for registering your motorcycle varies depending on whether you purchased it at a dealership OR through a private seller. Below are the steps required to register your motorcycle with the PA Department of Transportation.

Dealer-Bought Motorcycles

When you buy a motorcycle at a Pennsylvania dealership, typically the dealership will handle the registration process for you. The fees for motorcycle registration will usually be included in the overall purchase price. For a breakdown of those fees, check out our section on motorcycle registration fees and taxes.

The dealership may give you temporary plates and registration until your permanent documents arrive via mail. Before leaving the dealership, confirm that no additional steps will be required on your end.

Private Motorcycle Purchases

When you purchase a motorcycle through a private seller, you must register it yourself. You will need to visit your local PennDOT office with the seller to complete the transaction.

Present the following items to the agent:

If your motorcycle doesn't have valid inspection stickers, you'll need to take it in for a safety and possible emissions inspection within 10 days of the purchasing date. If the inspection sticker is valid when you buy the bike, you'll need to have your motorcycle inspected when the current sticker expires.

PA Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes

In Pennsylvania, you may be required to pay the following fees and taxes when your register your motorcycle with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation:

  • Motorcycle registration—Based on the expiration date AND length of registration desired:
  • Expiration in July 1, 2017 and later to be valid for:
    • 1 year: $24.
    • 2 years: $48
  • Vertical motorcycle plate: $26.
    • Personalization fee: $128.
  • Plate transfer: $10.
  • Sales tax: 6% of the purchase price, EXCEPT for residents of:
    • Allegheny County: 7% of the purchase price.
    • Philadelphia: 8% of the purchase price.


Motor Vehicle Verification of Fair Market Value by the Issuing Agent
Submit this form to PennDOT to verify the fair market value of a car you're selling if that vehicle is older and/or has depreciated significantly in value.
Application for Lessee Information
Application to add, change, OR remove lessee information from a vehicle's title.
Vehicle Sales and Use Tax Return/Application for Registration
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