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Would you be shocked to find out an average of 20 people die every day due to the shortage of available organ donors?

Organ donation statistics show that there are more than 114,895 Americans awaiting their organ transplants, while millions of people die each year without signing up as organ and tissue donors. Sadly, an additional person shows up on the organ transplant list every 10 minutes.

A single organ donor has the potential to save up to 8 lives.

Register TODAY and join the millions of registered organ donors in the United States. Together, we can make a positive impact and start saving lives.

Personal Stories from Our DMV.ORG Team

Jacqueline’s story, Manager of Administration

Jacqueline’s family chose to donate the organs of her 10-year-old cousin after losing him in a tragic accident. This decision changed their lives and saved the lives of many others. Learn More

Tina’s story, Content Writer

Tina grew up with a father living with a chronic liver disease, which eventually lead to liver cancer and a shortened life expectancy. Her father was given a second chance to live a long and healthy life after receiving a liver transplant from a selfless organ donor. Learn More

Common Misconceptions About Organ Donation

Some people are hesitant to register as an organ donor due to several common misconceptions that go against organ donor facts. 

Don’t let any wrong information keep you from saving a life. Check out our page on the most common organ donation myths.

Check or Update Your Donor Registration Status

If you’ve recently moved, you will need to re-register as an organ donor in your new state.

To register as an organ donor:

After registering, notify your family and loved ones of your donor status; your family members may be contacted to provide consent in the event of an incident.

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