Types of Special License Plates in Oregon

SUMMARY: Oregon Specialty License Plates

Oregon license plates come in many specialty options, such as personalized custom tags, plates for organizations and special interests, and military license plates.

Keep reading to learn about the types of specialty license plates available in Oregon.


Personalized Plates in Oregon

The Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV) allows you to personalize your license plate with your own custom letter and number combination.

Only the standard Oregon license plate and some special registration plates can be personalized.

Your custom tag number must:

  • Be 1 to 6 characters long, plus a space or hyphen if desired.
  • NOT have 3 numbers and 3 letters following each other.
  • NOT have an offensive or vulgar message.

You will submit multiple combinations when you apply for a personalized plate. If none of these are available, the Oregon DMV will contact you.

Fees for personalized Oregon license plates are:

Fees for other types of personalized plates in Oregon, such as motorcycle plates, differ. See the OR DMV website for a complete list of fees.

Organizational Specialty Plates

In Oregon, there are a variety of special interest license plates available, including:

  • Special registration plates.
  • Non-profit plates.
  • College plates.

In most cases, a portion of the fees for these plates will benefit the organization that sponsors the tag or a related organization.

Read below for information on different types of special interest plates, and visit Applying for Specialty Plates when you're ready to apply.

Special Registration Plates

The OR DMV issues special registration plates that benefit Oregon parks, conservation, and other organizations.

Fees for these plates vary, and are paid IN ADDITION to regular registration fees and renewal fees. Fees stated below are based on 2 license plates. The fees below DO NOT include the $26 license plate fee that is due when the plate is ordered and at renewal. Motorcycle or single plate vehicle fees will be lower in most cases. New vehicles that are eligible to have an initial registration of 4 years will be double the fees below on license plates that carry a renewal fee.

Available Special Registration Plates and Fees

  • Crater Lake license plate: $30 to order.
  • Cultural Trust license plate:
    • $50 to order.
    • $50 to renew for 2 years.
  • Pacific Wonderland plate: $100 to order.
  • Salmon plate:
    • $60 to order.
    • $60 to renew for 2 years.
  • Wine Country plate:
    • $30 to order.
    • $30 to renew for 2 years.
  • The special registration plates above (except for the Pacific Wonderland plate) can be personalized for an additional fee.

    See our page on Applying for Specialty License Plates for application information.

    Non-Profit Group Plates

    The OR DMV provides several license plates that allow you to show your support for various non-profit groups.

    Non-profit license plates are NOT available:

    • For motorcycles, trailers, or other vehicles not classed as passenger vehicles.
    • As personalized plates.

    The fees for Oregon's non-profit plates are charged IN ADDITION to regular registration and renewal fees. On new vehicles you may have the option to register for 4 years; in which case the fees would be double.Fees below are for new vehicles; used vehicles pay a lower plate fee.

    Available Non-Profit License Plates and Fees

    • Fallen Public Safety Officer:
      • $32 for 2 years.
    • Oregon Professional Firefighters:
      • $20 for 2 years.
    • Share the Road:
      • $20 for 2 years.

    Proceeds from non-profit group plates benefit the organization that sponsors the plate.

    Collegiate Plates

    Collegiate plates allow you to show your support for an Oregon university. They:

    • Are issued ONLY for passenger vehicles.
    • Cannot be personalized.

    You can order a collegiate license plate for the following universities:

    • Oregon State University.
    • University of Oregon.
    • University of Portland.
    • Willamette University.

    You'll pay $32 every 2 years for a collegiate plate PLUS standard registration fees and renewal fees. A portion of the plate fee goes to the university that sponsors the plate.

    For application details, see our Applying for Specialty License Plates page.

    Military License Plates in OR

    The OR DMV has the following types of military license plates:

    • Tags for veterans and retirees of the U.S. military.
    • Tags for the public to show support for the military.

    Military Veteran & Retiree Plates

    To get a veteran or retiree license plate, your service record must show that you were in branch of the military or received the reward displayed on the plate.

    Examples of these plates include:

    • The Congressional Medal of Honor plate.
    • The Ex-POW license plate.
    • The National Guard plate.

    The OR DMV also offers a Gold Star plate for family members of those who have been killed while serving in the military.

    Proof of your eligibility, such as your discharge papers, is required.

    Military license plate fees vary. For example:

    • National Guard plate: $31 in addition to registration fees
    • Congressional Medal of Honor: $24.50 in addition to registration fees.

    Plate fees are charged IN ADDITION to registration fees and renewal fees.

    See the OR DMV website for a complete list of plates and eligibility requirements.

    Military Plates for the Public

    Anyone can order license plates that show support for military organizations, for example:

    • The Paralyzed Veterans of America plate.
    • Veterans for Human Rights license plate.
    • Non-Commission Officers Association tags.

    You'll pay a plate fee PLUS regular Oregon registration fees and renewal fees.

    See the Oregon DMV website for all available plates and fees.

    Antique & Classic Plates

    If you have an antique or hobby vehicle, you may be eligible for an antique vehicle license plate OR a special interest vehicle plate in Oregon.

    Both plates can be issued for most vehicle types, including motorcycles, recreational vehicles (RVs), and trailers.

    Antique Vehicle Plates

    An antique vehicle license plate is for a vehicle that:

    • Is maintained as a collector's item.
    • Meets the age requirements to be an antique. Contact the OR DMV for more information.

    The fee for an antique vehicle plate is $112.

    Special Interest Plates

    A special interest vehicle plate is intended for a vehicle that is any of the following:

    • At least 25 years old AND owned as a collectors' item.
    • Considered a special interest vehicle by relevant and known organization.
    • A racing vehicle.
    • A street rod.

    The fee for an Oregon special interest vehicle plate is $93.

    NOTE: A vehicle with special interest plates CANNOT be used for day-to-day transportation.

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