Renewing Your CDL in Oregon

Renewal Notices

Drivers looking to renew their Oregon commercial driver licenses (CDLs) must appear in person at a DMV office.

The DMV sends renewal notices by mail to most CDL holders before expiration of their commercial licenses. For hazardous material (hazmat)-endorsed CDL holders, notices are mailed before expiration to allow time for a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) criminal background check.

Drivers may not necessarily receive these notices, but that does not prohibit them from renewing. Again though, renewal can only be done in person, and all applicants must meet certain requirements.

How to Renew

CDL renewal in Oregon starts with your renewal notice and current driver license, which must be presented as proof of age and identity. If you did not receive a renewal, you will only be required to present proper identification. Drivers with changed addresses must show proof of new address, and applicants who are 50 years old or older must undergo a DMV vision screening. The eye exam can be waived for online renewals.

Hazardous materials endorsement renewal requires you to pay for and pass a hazmat knowledge test ($10), as well as a TSA criminal background check.

CDL renewal also requires you to show a valid Department of Transportation (DOT) medical certificate or a Medical Examination Report (Form 649-F).


The fee for renewal of class A, B, and C commercial licenses in Oregon is $104.

How Long a Renewal is Valid

An upgrade of a CDL in Oregon is $160. A CDL upgrade with renewal (has existing CDL) is $160, and downgrade of a CDL is $64. The Oregon DMV does not accept credit or debit cards, but does accept checks with proper ID, and cash, with ATM machines available at most DMV locations.


Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination
Commercial driver's license applicants must submit this completed medical examination to the Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division. Form must be completed by a doctor.
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