Online Services in Oregon

Sometimes, a trip to the DMV can feel like a trek down the Oregon Trail―long, arduous and exhausting. Fortunately, Oregon residents can take advantage of numerous online driver and vehicle services.

Typically, the Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV) of the Oregon Department of Transportation handles driver services. You can check out everything the state will let you do from home on its DMV website, or read the list below to see all of your options, including online services you can access through private companies.

Oregon Vehicle Services

Driving is such a common activity, it's easy to take for granted that it's a privilege, not a right. One of the most important elements of enjoying that privilege is keeping your car legally up-to-speed. While it's a big responsibility, it's become much easier in the Internet age, as both the Oregon DMV and a number of other vendors offer ways to help you manage that paperwork from home.


  • Renew your registration.*
  • Notify the DMV about selling your car.

* NOTE: Only available in certain situations. Check the OR DMV registration website for details.

Third Parties

  • Order auto insurance.
    • First thing's first: you won't be able to take your car anywhere unless you insure it. Before hitting the open road, cruise the information superhighway to find the perfect policy for you.
  • Find motorcycle insurance.
    • Just because your bike has fewer wheels doesn't mean it requires less insurance. Luckily, it's easy to find the best possible plan from home.
  • Get a vehicle history report an VIN check.
    • You may not be able to predict the future, but you can get a much better idea of which used vehicle to purchase by looking into its past. Don't fall for a lemon disguised as a great deal when you can easily get such helpful information. You can order a vehicle history report for:
      • Cars.
      • Motorcycles.
      • RVs.

OR License & Personal Records

Keeping your own records straight is another pivotal habit that will not only help you with the driving process but in many other aspects of life, like landing a job, traveling abroad, and finding a place to live. Once again, the Internet offers a huge assist in document management, and a plethora of dedicated companies—along with the Oregon DMV—will help you take care of business without ever leaving home.


  • Change the address on your:
    • Oregon driver's license.
    • OR state identification card.

Third Parties

  • Obtain your criminal record.
    • It's a crime how difficult it can be to track down criminal records. Don't spend hard time when it's so easy to find a company ready, willing, and able to help you.
  • Find court records.
    • Don't be found guilty of wasting precious time trying to compile court records, especially when you can hire an experienced vendor without ever leaving home.
  • Get public records.
    • Tracking down the correct public record in the sea of available documents can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The right company has the digital equivalent of a metal detector, letting them find that hidden needle for you quickly and easily.
  • Order vital records.
    • The building blocks of other important forms of ID, these documents are critical to keep on hand. Don't waste time waiting in line when you can have these records delivered directly to your inbox:
      • Birth records.
      • Death records.
      • Marriage records.
      • Divorce records.
  • Get your international driver's permit.
    • If you've come to look for America, there's no better way to do it than by car. But driving when you arrive can be a tricky process. Let someone else sweat the details while you stay home and pack.
  • Look up driving records.
    • Ever wonder how your insurance company sees you? This document will give you a good idea, and it's just a click away.
  • Prevent identity theft.
    • Falling victim to identity theft can be emotionally devastating and financially crippling. And, it's the fastest-growing crime in the world. Be proactive about keeping your private information private.
  • Change your name.
    • Haven't perfected that new signature yet? Don't worry—when you hire a private company to handle the name change process for you, almost everything is digital.
  • Commission a background check.
    • A background check is one of the most extensive documents you could be asked to assemble. Experienced businesses will know exactly where to look—and what to look for—saving you time and frustration.

Driver's Ed in Oregon

Knowledge is power, and the information available in these driving-related courses can be powerful enough to save you the time, money, frustration of having to retake a license test, and possibly even save lives. Whether you already drive every day or are hoping to soon, you can find something worthwhile in these materials. Driver education is only available through private vendors in Oregon, and you can take any of the following:

OR Miscellaneous Services

Not sure if the task you need to complete is available online? There's a good chance it may be, either through the Oregon DMV or with the help of a third party.


  • Check DMV office wait times.
  • Reprint a receipt for online transaction.
  • Submit forms to request:
    • Administrative hearings.
    • Implied consent hearings.
    • Administrative reviews.

Third Parties

  • Pay a traffic ticket.
    • Everyone makes mistakes. Don't linger on yours. Let another company handle the hassle of taking care of your traffic ticket fine.
  • Hire a DUI attorney.
    • A charge this serious is nothing to take lightly. Make sure you have the best representation possible by your side, and a lawyer to have your back throughout the process.
  • Fast-track your passport.
    • Passport processing by the government can take a long time, but a private company can have your document ready in no time.
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