Applying for Special Plates in Oregon

SUMMARY: Apply for a Specialty Oregon License Plate

In Oregon, you can apply for a number of specialty plates in person with your local DMV. You may also personalize many types of plates. To renew these plates, you'll simply renew your registration. You may also replace your plates for a minimal fee, and you can change your plate type at any time. Should you sell a vehicle with special plates, you can transfer them to another car you own. Fees for these plates vary.

The Oregon Department of Transportation Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV) offers many types of specialty plates for purchase. Many of these plates may be customized.

Applying for Specialty Plates in Oregon

The process to apply for special Oregon license plates will vary depending on the type of plate you choose.

To apply for your desired plate:

OR Personalized Plates

You can customize (personalize) many types of plates in Oregon. However, note that you may NOT personalize:

  • Group plates, such as veteran or higher education plates.
  • Pacific Wonderland plate.

To apply for a custom plate:

NOTE: If you apply and none of your message options are available (or none are approved), the DMV will notify you as soon as possible.

Renewing Specialty Plates in Oregon

You renew your specialty plate when you renew your vehicle registration.

Note that you'll be required to pay your specialty plate fee when you renew, along with your regular registration renewal fees. For example, the Oregon State University plate has a $32 fee for a registration period of 2 years. Fees vary by plate.

For more detailed information, visit our guide to Oregon registration renewal.

Replacing Specialty Plates in OR

If your specialty or personalized Oregon license plates get lost, destroyed, or stolen, you can get replacements for them by mail.

Visit our OR License Plates and Placards page to learn how to apply for your replacement license plates.

NOTE: You may have to pay your specialty plate fee in addition to your replacement fee. Contact your local DMV office with questions about fees.

Switching Plate Types

The OR DMV allows you to switch license plate types. However, the process will vary based on whether you apply using a renewal reminder.

With a Renewal Reminder

Without a Renewal Reminder

  • Complete the Application for Registration or Replacement Plates and/or Stickers (Form 735-268).
  • Provide payment for the following fees by check or money order to “Oregon DMV":
    • Registration fees.
    • Plate fees:
      • $26 for set of plates.
      • $13 for 1 plate.
    • Specialty plate fees (based on plate type).
    • Replacement fees*:
      • 1 plate vehicles:
        • $13 plate fee.
          • $12 replacement fee at renewal.
          • $12 fee if not at renewal.
      • 2 plate vehicles:
        • $12 replacement fee at renewal.
        • $12 fee if not at renewal.
    • Submit the above:
      • By mail to:
        1905 Lana Ave NE
        Salem, OR 97314
      • In person to a DMV office.
    *If you're changing to a different registration class, there is no replacement fee.

    Transferring OR Specialty Plates

    If you sell your vehicle, you may transfer your plates to another vehicle IF:
    • The vehicle is in the same class.
    • Plates are current issue, customized, OR special registration, AND they are legible.
      • If plates are current USE but not current ISSUE, you must convert them to custom plates BEFORE transferring.
    NOTE: When transferring, you'll need to pay applicable custom license plate fees. To learn how to transfer your plates, visit our page on License Plates and Placards in Oregon.

    OR Specialty Plate Fees

    Fees for Oregon specialty license plates vary by the type of plate you are ordering. To see your fees, click on your specific plate in the appropriate category. Fees will be listed next to the plate type.


Application for Registration, Renewal, Replacement or Transfer of Plates and/or Stickers
Request an original, transfer, renewal, OR replacement of Oregon license plates AND/OR registration stickers.
Custom Plate Application
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