Traffic Ticket FAQ in Oklahoma

I just got ticketed. What's my next move?

Oklahoma citations are time sensitive, requiring one of the three following pleas before the ticket's arraignment date expires (usually about two weeks):

  • Guilty.
  • No contest.
  • Not guilty.

The first two pleas require paying the traffic ticket fine. The third option, not guilty, means fighting the ticket charge in court.

How do I pay my citation?

This will depend on the court. Some courts may allow paying your ticket online or by phone. Otherwise you must pay by mail or in person. Your citation will detail all payment options.

Any repercussions if I ignore my Oklahoma traffic ticket?

Plenty. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) will suspend your OK driver's license and the presiding court may issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

How many points will be added to my driving record

It depends on the nature of the infraction. The more severe the traffic violation, the greater the number of points, with four being the highest. Our Oklahoma Point System page has the whole scoop.

Can my OK driver's license get suspended for too many points?

Accumulate 10 points within 5 years and your driver's license will be suspended.

Any chance of getting points reduced?

Completing a DPS-approved Traffic Safety course will earn you a point reduction. Read more in our Defensive Driving page.

After getting ticketed should I worry about increased auto insurance rates?

Check with your car insurance company. Each provider adheres to different policies. Keep in mind that you can always counter a rate increase by shopping around online for a new auto insurance company.

Why must I pay traffic ticket assessment fees?

It's the law. Assessment fees are mandated by the state statutes. Find out more about assessment fees and other penalties in our Penalties & Fines page.

Am I doomed if I've lost my traffic ticket?

No, but you need to act fast. The court won't accept "I lost my citation..." as a passable excuse for not submitting a plea before the ticket's arraignment date.

Consult our Lost Traffic Ticket page for what steps to take.

Why should I check my driving record?

Knowing where you stand with points could help prevent the loss of your driving privileges. For instance, if you see your point total is nearing the state's suspension mark, you can, if eligible, complete a DPS-approved Traffic Safety course and have points removed.

What are the advantages of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer?

Legal counsel will improve your chances for a favorable decision. This may mean reduced charges or even the ticket's outright dismissal. Depending on your driving history, this may save your OK driver's license from suspension.

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