Title Transfers in Oklahoma

How to Complete a Vehicle Title Transfer in Oklahoma:
  1. Seller gives the title to buyer, properly assigned over with a notarized signature.
  2. Seller provides odometer disclosure and lien release, if applicable.
  3. Buyer completes a title application.
  4. Buyer brings all paperwork, application, and payment for titling fees to the MVD.

Continue reading for details on Oklahoma title transfers.

New to Oklahoma

After becoming a new resident of Oklahoma, you are required to title your vehicle within 30 days of moving with the OK Motor Vehicle Division. To apply for your Oklahoma title, submit the following to your local tag agency:

* In several states, car loan lenders will hold the title certificate until the loan is paid in full. If you do not have your title certificate, you may register your car in Oklahoma using your out-of-state registration. You can apply for the title certificate once you receive your out-of-state title from your lender.

Buying or Selling a Vehicle in OK

Buying from a Dealer

If you've purchased a new car from an Oklahoma dealership, you'll need to title it by submitting the following to your local MVD branch:

Buying from a Private Seller

If you buy a used car from a private seller in Oklahoma, submit the following to apply for a car title transfer:

  • Payment for your vehicle titling fees.

Selling a Vehicle

When selling a car, the buyer is responsible for applying for the DMV title transfer with the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division. However, you will have to provide the seller with the following:

You may want to take the optional step of notifying the MVD of the transfer by submitting a Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Vehicle (Form 773) along with payment for a $17 filing fee.

Gifted and Inherited Vehicles

Gifted Cars

Cars changing ownership between “qualifying" family members with no purchase price are exempt from sales tax.

Qualifying family members include:

  • Spouse.
  • Parent (including step-parents).
  • Children (including step-children).

Follow the steps for purchasing a used car, and also submit a Family Affidavit (Form 794) when you visit your local tag agency.

Inherited Vehicles

The process for car title transfers of inherited vehicles may differ depending on how the estate is distributed.

If the car was left to you in the owner's will, you'll need to:

  • Have the will probated BEFORE transferring ownership of the vehicle.*
  • Bring the letters testamentary to the MVD.
  • Provide the death certificate.
  • Pay any applicable transfer fees.

If there wasn't a will, and there are no other claimants to the vehicle:

Present a copy of the death certificate to your local tag agent. They will walk you through the rest of the process, which will likely be very similar to buying a car from a private party.

* If the estate was valued under $50,000.00 please contact your local OK tag agency for details on how to transfer the vehicle's ownership. You may be required to submit a:

  • Small Estate Affidavit (Form 405).
  • Death Certificate
  • Unprobated will naming the applicant as the beneficiary of the vehicle.

OK Vehicle Titling Fees

Basic titling fees in Oklahoma are as follows:

  • Standard title: $11.
  • Vehicle ownership transfer fee: $17.
  • Certificate of ownership: $11.
  • Notice of transfer filing fee: $17
  • Lien processing fee: Varies
  • VIN inspection: $4
  • Insurance verification fee: $1.50.
  • Duplicate title: $11

Excise Tax

  • New vehicles:
    • 3.25% of purchase price.
  • Used vehicles:
    • $20 for the first $1500 of the vehicle's value.
    • 3.25% for remainder of the value.

Obtaining a Lien Release

Once you have paid off your car loan, your Oklahoma lender has a short period of time to send you a lien release. To have the record of your lien release marked in the MVD system, send your lien release to the OTC at:

Oklahoma Service Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Liens
P.O. Box 26800
Oklahoma City, OK 73126

You can also apply for a clean title certificate by bringing the lien release, title certificate, and payment for the titling fee to any tag agency.

Duplicate Oklahoma Titles

If you have lost or damaged your OK title certificate, you can apply for a replacement by submitting an Application for Replacement Certificate of Title for Vehicle/Boat/Motor (Form 701-7):

The application must include:

  • Your notarized signature.
  • You car's VIN.
  • Current registration.
  • Payment for the title fee and additional $1.66 mailing fee (if applicable).


Application for Oklahoma Certificate of Title for a Vehicle
MVD application for an Oklahoma vehicle title. Must be notarized.
Application for Replacement Certificate of Title for Vehicle/Boat/Motor
Request a replacement vehicle, boat, OR motor title from the OK Motor Vehicle Division. Requires a notary's signature.
Declaration of Vehicle Purchase Price
Use this Motor Vehicle Division form to confirm the purchase price of a vehicle you bought and do not have a bill of sale for. Form requires notarization.
Family Affidavit
Claim exemption from Oklahoma excise tax on a vehicle transferred, without compensation, between family members.
Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Vehicle
Notify the Oklahoma MVD when you transfer ownership of a vehicle.
Odometer Disclosure Statement
Use this Motor Vehicle Division form to disclose the mileage on a vehicle you're transferring ownership of in Oklahoma.
Small Estate Affidavit
Submit this form to the OK MVD when transferring ownership of a deceased person's vehicle (as part of their will), whose estate meets the criteria set out on the form. Must be notarized.
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