Salvaged Vehicles in Oklahoma

So, your car’s been in a wreck or suffered some other extreme damage? Chances are you have a salvaged vehicle on your hands. Let’s find out how you can work with the OK Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) to best deal with that salvaged vehicle. 

What Is a Salvaged Car in OK?

In Oklahoma, a salvaged vehicle is one that is 10 model years old or newer AND is so damaged by a collision or other incident that the cost of repairs falls between 60% and 79% of the vehicle’s actual cash value before the incident occurred.  

For cars that don’t meet the above criteria for salvage vehicles, there are other options or designations.

If a vehicle is:

  • More than 10 model years old: It come in and out of salvage status at any time. Speak to your insurance agent about the salvage process specific to your situation.
  • Damaged to the point where repair costs are 80% or more of the car’s fair market value: It requires a junk title from the MVD and cannot be driven again. Your insurance provider will instruct you on how to apply for an Oklahoma junk title.

Ultimately, your auto insurance company will decide whether your car qualifies as a salvage. Be sure to speak with your provider about the implications of each classification and your options going forward. 

Total Loss Claims

Generally, when your vehicle becomes so damaged that it meets the above criteria, you’ll file a total loss claim with your insurance carrier. At the end of the claim, you’ll have the option of accepting a:

  • Full settlement: Your provider pays you in full for damages—less any deductions in your policy—and your insurance company keeps the vehicle. OR
  • Partial settlement: You keep the vehicle and your insurance provider pays you for partial damages. By retaining ownership of the vehicle, you can choose to:

When deciding which settlement to accept, you’ll need to consider how much time and money you can allocate to the salvage vehicle. Your insurance provider will have a good handle on the amount of work your car requires, so take some time to get their recommendations going forward.

Apply for an OK Salvage Title

The Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division will issue a salvage title once your insurance company sends proper notification of the vehicle’s total loss status. The Motor Vehicle Division MIGHT require additional paperwork or fees from you.

Since this application process is largely out of your hands, call the MVD at (405) 521-3221 and your insurance company for additional information.

OK Salvaged Car Inspections

If your car is 10 model years old or newer, it must undergo a rebuilt vehicle inspection BEFORE you can apply for a new Oklahoma title and registration. Vehicles older than 10 model years old do not need inspections to change their title classification, and are eligible for a regular title at any time. 

Pre-Inspection Requirements

To start, you’ll need to visit your local Oklahoma MVD branch where a Motor Vehicle Division agent will provide and help you complete a Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection Request (Form 788-B). This form is only available in person at the MVD office. 

While you’re there, be sure to ask the agent whether your vehicle needs a serial number—if so, they can assist you in acquiring one before your inspection.

Once everything’s taken care of, the MVD agent will assign you a date, time, and location for your salvage vehicle inspection.

NOTE: If the inspection must take place somewhere other than the rebuilder’s location, the MVD agent will give you an Authorization for Travel and Inspection (OTC Form 788-C), which allows you to travel to and from the inspection location.

At Your Vehicle Inspection

When your inspection appointment arrives, make sure you have the following items:

  • The car’s salvaged title.
  • Receipts for all the parts you used to repair the vehicle.
  • Proof of current liability insurance.
  • Payment for the applicable fees:
    • VIN and odometer reading: $4.
    • Rebuilt vehicle inspection: $25.

During your inspection, the OK Motor Vehicle Division agent will:

  • Compare the vehicle identification number (VIN) to that listed on the car’s ownership records.
  • Check for fraud or tampering with the VIN and the VIN plate.
  • Use the VIN analysis system (VINA) to make sure the vehicle description in the system matches the vehicle they’re inspecting.
  • Check that the odometer hasn’t been rolled back or altered.

Afterward completing the inspection, the MVD agent will complete a Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection (Form 788-B)—do not lose this! You’ll need it to apply for your rebuilt vehicle title

Retitle Your Car in Oklahoma

Once your vehicle passes inspection, it’s time to apply for an Oklahoma rebuilt title with the Motor Vehicle Division.

In general, you’ll need to provide the following at your local MVD agency:

  • A completed:
  • Paperwork regarding the rebuilt vehicle and inspection, like the invoices, bills of sale, and/or receipts for the parts you used to repair the vehicle.
    • You may need to include seller contact information and VINs for each part purchased.
  • Payment for the applicable fees.
    • Fees by can vary depending on lienholder recordings, brandings, registration, etc. Refer to the state’s Motor Vehicle Tag, Tax, Title, & Fees guide for a better idea of what you may owe.

We’ve provided a general outline of the requirements for an Oklahoma rebuilt title. Be sure to call the OK Motor Vehicle Division at (405) 521-3221 for specifics on what you need to provide to retitle your salvage vehicle. 


Application for Oklahoma Certificate of Title for a Vehicle
MVD application for an Oklahoma vehicle title. Must be notarized.
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