Traffic Safety Laws in Oklahoma

Seat Belts

Drivers and their front-seat passengers must be contained by an appropriate safety system or seat belt when riding in a vehicle.

Law enforcement officials can pull over a vehicle simply because they spot someone inside the vehicle violating this law. Drivers can be nailed with a $50 ticket per infraction. They will also be responsible for the fine for any passengers under 16 years old violating this rule.

Child Safety Seats

Children under 2 years old must be in a rear facing safety seat. Those who are under 4 years old must be restrained in a federally-approved safety seat with an internal harness when riding in a vehicle.

Children 4 to 7 years old must be restrained by an appropriate safety system or booster seat unless they are taller than 4 ft 9 inches.

When looking for a car seat, be sure it matches your child's height, weight and age.

If needed, the state provides helpful information on selecting the proper child safety restraint system.


Drivers must use their low beams when within 1,000 ft of an approaching vehicle, and within 600 ft of a vehicle heading in the same direction.

Headlights must be turned on between 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise, and any other time when visibility is impaired.

Electronic Devices and Texting

Cell phone restrictions:

  • Learner permit and intermediate license holders are banned from using hand-held electronic device while driving.

Texting restrictions:

  • Learner permit and intermediate license holders are banned from texting while driving.


Everyone under the age of 18 years old riding on a motorcycle must wear a federally-approved safety helmet.

Also, riders of all ages must have some sort of eye protection (such as goggles) while riding on a motorcycle, unless the bike is equipped with a windshield.

Unattended Children

Although Oklahoma doesn't have any laws specifically addressing the issue of leaving children unattended in a vehicle, knowingly putting a child in a dangerous situation is considered child endangerment, so use common sense. Children (and pets) are more affected by heat and cold than adults, so they can become ill or die when left in a car. Unattended children can also play with the parking brake and cause an accident, and may prove to be an attractive kidnapping target.

Reporting Unsafe or Drunk Drivers

Call 911. Oklahoma doesn't have a centralized number to call to report drunk or other types of dangerous drivers.

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