Replacing a Lost Title in Oklahoma

Replacing a Lost Title in Oklahoma

When you are buying or selling a car, having the title is a must. However, at some point in your life, you may have to deal with the process of replacing a lost, damaged, or stolen title. Luckily, replacing a lost title is only a matter of filling out a few forms with the Motor Vehicle Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Even when selling or scrapping a no longer functioning vehicle, the presence or absence of the title can mean a difference of hundreds of dollars in the price you receive. Continue reading this page for more information on the process of applying for a duplicate title in Oklahoma.

How to Apply for a Duplicate Title

NOTE: You will need proof of identity to replace a lost title whether applying in person or by mail. When applying by mail, you will need to have your signature, and the signature of any other owners, notarized.

You can apply for a replacement in person or by mail through your local tag agency. The process of replacing a lost title is quicker when performed in person at a tag agency.

Replace a Lost Title In Person or By Mail

You'll need to complete an Application for Duplicate Title (Form 701-7) if you've lost your Oklahoma vehicle title. You can also get the application to replace a lost vehicle title in person at any tag agency.

After filling out the form, you can mail it or hand deliver it to any Oklahoma tag agency. Your current registration papers and valid ID or driver's license are required for proof of ownership. If you're mailing in your items, you may provide copies of your registration, identification and make sure all owners' signatures are notarized.

The fee for a replacement is $11, plus a $1.66 fee if applying by mail. Checks should be made payable to the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Adding/Removing Names From Your Title

Changing the people listed on a title requires applying for a new vehicle title.

To apply for a new title:

  • Download the Application For Oklahoma Certificate of Title For a Vehicle (Form 701-6) or get the form from a tag agency office.
  • Fill out the form either in the presence of a notary public or at the tag agency.
  • Provide your ID.
  • Return the title application and the appropriate fees to your tag agency office.
    • The fee to replace your lost title is $11. There is an additional $1.66 charge to apply by mail.

For more information, please read our page about Title Transfers.

Change Your Name or Address

You should contact your local MVD office to find out whether you need to process your name and address changes at the OK DPS first.

Change Your Name

Typically, when applying for a name change on official documents in Oklahoma, you can present a number of documents such as:

  • State certified birth certificate.
  • Social Security card.
  • Divorce decree.
  • Adoption decree.
  • Name change decree.
  • Marriage license.
  • Affidavit of Common Law Marriage.

Please see the above section on duplicate titles to find out how to apply for a new or duplicate title once your name is updated.

For more information on how to update your name, please read our page about Changing Your Name .

Changing Your Address

If you recently moved and need to apply for a duplicate title, you'll need to follow the instructions listed above for a duplicate title. You'll need to complete an Application for Duplicate Title (Form 701-7). Be sure to complete the section on the application that states, "If Vehicle Record Owner Is No Longer an Oklahoma Resident, List Current State of Residency."

The cost will be $11 to get a new vehicle title in Oklahoma. Add $1.66 if you are applying for the new title by mail.

For more information on how to change your address, you can read our page about Changing Your Address in Oklahoma.


Application for Oklahoma Certificate of Title for a Vehicle
MVD application for an Oklahoma vehicle title. Must be notarized.
Application for Replacement Certificate of Title for Vehicle/Boat/Motor
Request a replacement vehicle, boat, OR motor title from the OK Motor Vehicle Division. Requires a notary's signature.
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