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SUMMARY: Personal Injury Attorneys in Oklahoma

Dealing with car insurance companies and attempting to get a fair settlement after you're injured in a car accident can be difficult on your own. An OK personal injury attorney knows all about personal injury law and can work to get your wholly compensated. Understand that you will need to provide documentation to help your attorney solidify your case, such as photos, medical bills, and proof of wages lost. Make sure to ask about what you'll need to gather during your consultation.

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Personal injuries can happen to anyone, at any time, and any place; they can harm us physically, emotionally, and mentally. Injuries that result from vehicle accidents can range from minor to extremely severe, and sometimes the severity of an injury is not immediately apparent.

We often believe that if we have good auto insurance, we will be adequately taken care of if we are ever involved in a collision. Sometimes that is true. However, depending on the situation, you might find yourself needing the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Why Hire an OK Personal Injury Attorney?

A collision with injuries, whether it is your fault or the other party's fault, is very different than a basic "fender bender" type collision.

You have a lot at stake in an injury accident situation and an attorney will work for you and you alone, whereas some insurance companies aren't willing to work with you.

Proving Your Injuries

If you are injured, it becomes your responsibility to prove the extent of the injury. An attorney can help you with this.

Many attorneys work with physicians, physical therapists, and other medical providers who will not only help you get better faster but will document your injuries and case and will even hold off on being paid for their services until your legal case is settled. That alone can take a lot off of your mind.

What If I'm Not Injured?

Many people are involved in automobile accidents but feel fine immediately afterwards. It is common for an accident victim to refuse transport and deny injury, only to wake up the following day, unable to move. This is common in the case of soft tissue injury and can have lasting effects if left untreated.

A personal injury attorney can assist you in getting the care you need to insure you do not have lasting or more severe injuries, even if you felt fine after the collision.

Your Responsibilities

No one will expect you to get out of a hospital bed to begin collecting paperwork, but once you have been released, you'll want to begin your "paper chase." You will need to obtain copies of certain documents to give to your attorney should you choose to use one.

Documents that your attorney will need include:

  • Police report.
  • Traffic tickets given to the other person.
  • Photos of the scene of the accident.
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses and what they saw.
  • Medical records and bills.
  • Photos of your injuries.
  • Wage stubs proving how much you made at the time of the accident and how much work time you missed due to your injury.

Attorney Consultations

Many law offices allow you to meet with and discuss your case with an attorney at no charge.

If you have been involved in an automobile accident and there are injuries involved, it is advisable to at least talk with an attorney to see where you stand in the case. If there is no case and everything is settled, the attorney will let you know.

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