Scooters, Mopeds, Etc... in Oklahoma

If you’re interested in other ways to get around besides a car or motorcycle, you may have thought about getting a moped, scooter, motorized bicycle, or electric-assisted bicycle.

Before you buy one, make sure you consider the rules and restrictions the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) has involving these vehicles.

OK Motor-Driven Cycles

To use a motor-driven cycle on public streets, you need a Class M (motorcycle) license or a motorcycle endorsement for your auto license. Check out our page on motorcycle licensing in Oklahoma for help with that.

Oklahoma considers your vehicle a motor-driven cycle if it has:

  • 3 wheels or fewer on the ground.
  • A seat or saddle for the driver and passengers (if applicable).
    • A combustion engine* with a maximum displacement of over 35 CC but under 150 CC.
    • An electric motor* that puts out more than 1000 watts.

For information about insuring and registering motor-driven cycles, please contact your local DPS office.

*Cycles with smaller and less powerful motors belong to different categories. See the sections below on electric-assisted bicycles and motorized bicycles.

Mopeds in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma DPS defines a moped as a vehicle that:

  • CANNOT go faster than 30 MPH.
  • Has an:
    • Automatic transmission.
    • Engine that:
      • Is a maximum of 50 CC.
      • Has no more than 2 brake horsepower.

To ride a moped in Oklahoma, you need a valid motorcycle license, permit, or endorsement. Your moped must also be registered and insured. Please contact your local DPS office for information about registering a moped.

OK Motorized Scooters

Walking no your style? Consider a motorized scooter. Oklahoma DOES NOT require you to have a license or insurance to ride these vehicles.

Motorized scooters must have:

  • No more than 3 wheels.
  • Handlebars for steering.
  • A motor that:
    • CANNOT push the vehicle faster than 25 MPH on flat ground.
    • Outputs 1000 watts or less (for electric engines) OR has a piston displacement of no more than 35 CC (for combustion engines).

OK Electric-Assisted Bicycles

North Dakota considers your vehicle an electric-assisted bicycle* if it has:

  • 2 or 3wheels.
  • A seat.
  • Working foot pedals.
  • An electric motor that:
    • CANNOT propel the bike faster than 30 MPH on flat ground, with or without pedaling.
    • Stops when the brakes are applied.
    • Has 1000 watts of power or less.

All you need to ride an electric assisted motorcycle is a valid driver’s license—no endorsement necessary. You DO NOT need insurance.

*Your local county may have stricter restrictions for a vehicles to qualify as electric-assisted bicycles, check with your local DPS office if you’re unsure on your vehicle’s legality.

Oklahoma Motorized Bicycles

Motorized bicycles are different from motor-driven cycles in the eyes of the ND DPS.

You can ride a motorized bicycle in Oklahoma* if you have a valid driver’s license, as long as the vehicle has:

  • Working foot pedals.
  • No manual gear shifting device.
  • An engine that is:
    • UNABLE to push the bike faster than 35 MPH on flat ground.
    • 80 CC or less.

Your motorized bicycle does NOT need to be insured.

*Cities and counties may have their own rules and restrictions regarding motorized bicycles. Contact your local DPS office.

Autocycles in Oklahoma

An autocycle is a vehicle that has:

  • 3 wheels.
  • An engine with a piston displacement of at least 150 CC.
  • Seats and seat belts for each rider.
  • An enclosed space for the driver and passengers.

To drive an autocycle in Oklahoma, you need a valid driver’s license and your vehicle must be registered and insured.

Jump to this page to get the information you need to register a vehicle in Oklahoma.

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