Organ Donation in Oklahoma

Register as an Organ Donor in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, organ donation registration is administered by the LifeShare Network of Oklahoma. You can read about all they do on their website.

With 58% of residents registered, Oklahoma's LifeShare Donor Registry is one of the most active registries in the country. However, there are still around 700 people on the waiting list in Oklahoma still waiting for an organ transplant, as well as thousands of people who need corneal transplants or tissue transplants.

There is no cost to be an organ donor. LifeShare covers the cost of all tests, procedures, and evaluations necessary for organ donation.

NOTE: Family agreement or permission isn't required for your donation wishes to be carried out. However, it is important to inform your family of your desire to donate.

Register as an Organ Donor in Oklahoma

You can become an organ donor at any age. Those who are under the age of 18 years old will need a parent or guardian's signature to register.

Organ donation eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis at time of death, and can be affected by medical history, cause of death, and other factors.

You can register online, by mail, or in person at your local OK DMV office.

NOTE: An Oklahoma driver's license number or ID card number is requested when registering as an organ donor.


To register as an Oklahoma organ donor online, you may:

  • Visit the LifeShare Network website.
    • After applying online, a signature card will be sent to you by mail. You will need to sign and return it to finalize your registration.
  • Sign up through, to both register in Oklahoma AND add your information to a central database of nationwide donors.

Applicants can specify any organs or tissues that they do not wish to be considered for transplant or research. They can also decide whether to offer organs, eyes, and tissues just for transplants, or for both transplants and research.

By Mail

You can also request a registration card by mail. Simply call (800) 826-LIFE.

Fill out the card, sign, and return it to LifeShare in the postage paid envelope provided.

In Person

You can register to be an organ donor at Oklahoma tag agencies when you apply/renew your state ID card or driver's license.

You will be asked if you would like to be an organ donor. Simply check " yes" to be automatically added to the LifeShare Donor Registry.

After Registering as an Organ Donor

Once you have registered to be an Oklahoma organ donor, your information is added to the LifeShare Donor Registry.

At the time of death, medical professionals will review your social and medical history to determine whether you are a candidate for donation. Due to advances in transplant technology, many people are eligible to be organ donors.

Update/Change Your Organ Donation Status

You can change or update your registry information using the online form provided by the LifeShare Network.

You can change your email address, update your home address, update your phone number, or change your donation preferences.

You can also update through

Lost Your OK Organ Donation Card?

If you lose your registration card, you can get a new one by filling out the online form LifeShare Network. You will need to supply your first and last name, date of birth, and your mother's maiden name.

As long as the information you provide matches what is on file, your registration information will be sent to you via email.

If the information does not match or if you no longer have access to the email address you registered with, you will need to create a new registration ID.

How You Can Help With Organ Donation

There are several other ways you can volunteer to help organ donation, such as:

  • Giving a monetary donation when you apply for or renew a driver's license or ID at the OK DMV.
  • Becoming a living donor. Living donors can offer donations like kidney donations, since the body only requires one for healthy operation. Liver transplants and lung transplants are also possible for living donors, since a lobe of the organ can be used.
  • Volunteering with LifeShare Network. LifeShare is always seeking volunteers to spread organ donor facts and educate people about organ donation. Volunteer opportunities include:
    • Working at health fairs and other events.
    • Speaking to church groups, civic clubs, and businesses.
    • Talking to media outlets about your experiences as a donor or transplant recipient.
    • Providing assistance in the LifeShare offices.
  • Encouraging your friends and family to register as organ donors!

More Information

Visit the LifeShare Network website to learn more about organ and tissue donation, and bust a few donation myths.

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