Motorcycle Registration in Oklahoma

All Oklahoma residents must register their motorcycles with the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) tag agency office before legal road operation is allowed. We'll help you with the details below.

Looking to renew your registration instead? We can help with that! Jump over to our Registration Renewals section for details.

New Oklahoma Residents

Upon establishing Oklahoma residency, you have 30 days to register your motorcycle with the OTC.

Titling for new residents is generally completed at the same time as registration. For more information on titling, check our Title Transfers section.

To register your motorcycle in Oklahoma, visit your local OTC tag agency office and:

Registering Your Motorcycle in OK

The steps required for motorcycle registration vary depending on whether or not the motorcycle was purchased from a dealership or a private seller. Below are the steps required for either instance.

Motorcycles Purchased from a Dealership

In most instances, when you purchase a motorcycle through a dealership in Oklahoma, the dealership handles the titling and registration process for you. The fees for license plates, motorcycle registration, and taxes are often included in the overall purchase price. To see a breakdown of what you may owe, check out our section below on OK motorcycle registration fees and taxes.

To make sure there are not additional steps required on your end, confirm this information with the dealership before you leave. If for some reason the dealership does not handle this, the steps for motorcycle registration will be the same as those below.

Motorcycles Purchased from a Private Seller

When you purchase a motorcycle from a private seller, you must register it yourself.

Visit your local OTC tag agency office and:

OK Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes

You may be required to pay the following fees and taxes when renewing or registering your motorcycle in Oklahoma:

  • Motorcycle registration—Varies by current registration period:
    • 1st through 4th year: $99.
    • 5th through 8th year: $89.
    • 9th through 12th year: $69.
    • 13th through 16th year: $49.
    • 17th year and above: $29.
  • Excise tax—Varies based on the purchase price; if the price is:
    • Average retail value:
      • New motorcycles: 3.25%.
      • Used motorcycles: $20 on the first $1,500 of the total value, PLUS 3.25% of the remaining value.
    • NOT within the average retail value:
      • Price will be based on a taxable value within that range.
  • Title: $11.
  • Ownership transfer: $17.
  • Lien processing fee: Varies.
  • Inspection fee: $4.


Application for Oklahoma Certificate of Title for a Vehicle
MVD application for an Oklahoma vehicle title. Must be notarized.
Odometer Disclosure Statement
Use this Motor Vehicle Division form to disclose the mileage on a vehicle you're transferring ownership of in Oklahoma.
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