Motorcycle Manual in Oklahoma

SUMMARY: Oklahoma Motorcycle Manual

The motorcycle manual in Oklahoma helps you learn how to operate a motorcycle and addresses motorcycle safety. You'll also find details about the tests you'll need to pass to obtain a motorcycle license.

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Oklahoma Motorcycle Manual

The Oklahoma Motorcycle Operator Manual (REV 2011) provides you with the basic information you need to get your motorcycle license.

It covers motorcycle safety and operation and also gives you information about the tests you'll take when you apply for an OK motorcycle license.

You can use the handbook both to:

  • Introduce yourself to the concepts of motorcycle operation.
  • To study for your licensing tests.

For information about Oklahoma traffic laws, see the OK driver's manual.

Operating a Motorcycle in OK

The manual covers common motorcycle maneuvers, such as:

  • Controlling your motorcycle.
  • Maintaining a safe distance.
  • Navigating intersections.

You'll also learn about less common situations, for example:

  • Riding on dangerous road surfaces.
  • Reacting to objects in the air.
  • Riding with passengers.

You'll be expected to know BOTH the general operation practices AND how to handle hazards and obstacles when you take your motorcycle license tests in Oklahoma.

Motorcycle Safety Topics

As a licensed motorcycle operator, you'll be responsible for your safety and the safety of others.

Oklahoma's motorcycle manual provides plenty of information about safety, including:

  • Appropriate gear, such as helmets and clothing.
  • Mechanical issues that may affect your bike.
  • Operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, also known as DUI or DWI.

Like operational information, you will be tested on your knowledge of motorcycle safety when you take your written exam.

Motorcycle License Testing in Oklahoma

To get a motorcycle license from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS), you must pass several tests.

The knowledge test is a written test that asks questions about the material in the motorcycle manual.

The riding skills test is taken on a motorcycle so an examiner can evaluate your ability to operate it.

NOTE: You may want to work with an experienced rider or take a course to practice riding skills BEFORE taking the skills test.

Motorcycle Learner's Permit

You can get a motorcycle learner's permit by taking and passing the knowledge test ONLY.

The permit allows you to ride ONLY while being taught by someone who:

  • Is 21 years old or older.
  • Has a motorcycle license.

You must have the permit for at least 30 days applying for an OK motorcycle license.

Motorcycle Safety Courses

If you take an approved Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course, you DO NOT have to complete the riding skills test.

Completing a safety course can also help lower your motorcycle insurance rates.

Learn more about safety courses on the MSF website.

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