Lost Traffic Ticket in Oklahoma

Generally, you'll need to contact the traffic court handling your case to retrieve lost traffic ticket information; however, some drivers might be able to use the state's online case search. Regardless of the method, make sure you get details about any required court appearance, your OK traffic ticket fines and payment options, and all deadlines.

Depending on your situation, you might be able to use Oklahoma's online case search feature to find lost traffic ticket information; however, many drivers probably will need to contact the court handling your traffic ticket.

Online Case Search

Using the state's online case search system, some drivers might be able to find information about a lost traffic ticket; however, the system requires specific information that you might not have handy.

For example, currently the system requires the citation number if you're searching for a traffic ticket handled by a district court. Because you've lost your OK traffic ticket, it's unlikely you have your citation number.

When this is the case, it's best to contact your presiding traffic court directly.

Your OK Traffic Court

Many drivers will need to contact their presiding traffic courts to gather information about lost traffic tickets.

Generally, your OK traffic court depends on where and/or by whom you received the ticket:

  • Municipal Courts: Handle traffic tickets issued by city, or "municipal," police officers.
  • District Courts: Handle traffic tickets issued by county police officers (those within the county's sheriff's department) or a highway patrol officer.

Remember, the court handling your ticket isn't necessarily your home court; it's the court that presides over traffic cases in the jurisdiction where you received the ticket. You must contact that court to find your lost traffic ticket information.

If you DON'T REMEMBER where you were ticketed or DON'T KNOW which court to contact, start by pinpointing the county you were in and contact that county's district court. Also, you can:

  • Try to remember where you were heading the day you were pulled over.
  • Ask any passengers if they remember where you were ticketed.
  • Think of the type of officer who issued the citation.

Lost Traffic Ticket Facts

Whether you find your ticket information online or talk with a court clerk, gather the following information about your OK traffic ticket as quickly as possible so you can respond on time and avoid additional penalties:

  • If your violation requires a mandatory court appearance.
    • If so, get the court's address and the date and time you must appear.
  • The OK traffic ticket details that will help you respond to the ticket, including:
    • The traffic violation and citation number.
    • The police officer's name and his or her law enforcement agency.
    • The location, date, and time you received the ticket.
  • Information about paying your fine, such as:
    • The exact traffic ticket fine.
    • Applicable court fees or surcharges.
    • Your deadline to pay.
    • How to pay, i.e. which options (such as online or by mail) and which methods (such as personal checks and credit cards) your court accepts.
  • Your deadline to plead "guilty" and pay or plead "not guilty" and schedule a hearing.

Plead to Your OK Ticket

Once you have all the facts, decide how you want to plead to your OK traffic ticket.

Do you know you're guilty? Do you want to pay your fine and move forward? Or, do you believe you're innocent and can—perhaps with help from a traffic ticket attorney—prove your innocence in court?

Refer to our Pay Your Ticket and Fight Your Ticket sections for more details on each option.

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