Green Vehicle Laws and Regulations in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has numerous laws in place to protect its environment, some of which specifically deal with eco-friendly driving and green vehicles. These include fees and decal requirements for alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel taxes, low-speed and medium-speed electric vehicle (EV) road restrictions, and more. Read on for specifics regarding these green vehicle laws.

Emissions Testing for Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

At this time, Oklahoma does not include emissions testing as a requirement of vehicle registration and registration renewal—regardless of fuel efficiency.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Decals and Fees

Driving an alternative fuel vehicle comes with additional fees and decal requirements. Read on for details regarding vehicles powered by propane, methanol, natural gas, and M-85.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Decals

Vehicles powered by the following alternative fuels must display a decal, issued annually by the Oklahoma Tax Commission, in the lower, right-hand corner of the front windshield:

  • Liquefied petroleum gas (propane)
  • Methanol.
  • M-85

Decals expire December 31 of every year. For more info, contact the Oklahoma Tax Commission or refer to Oklahoma Statutes 68-723.

Annual Fees for AFV Owners

If your passenger car, truck, or van weighs less than 2,000 lbs., and runs on any of the following fuels, you must pay an annual flat fee (mentioned below) instead of special fuel taxes: Vehicles powered by liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas is $100.

Oklahoma increases the fee to $150 for vehicles powered by any of the above-mentioned fuels weighing more than 2,000 lbs.

If you acquire your vehicle (or install the respective fuel system) on or after July 1, you only have to pay half the fee listed above for the remainder of the calendar year.

Direct questions regarding these annual AFV fees to the Oklahoma Tax Commission, or refer to Oklahoma Statutes 68-723.

CNG and LNG Fuel Taxes

Oklahoma taxes compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) per gasoline gallon. This tax rate will increase December 31, 2028 to the diesel fuel tax rate—using the GGE for compressed natural gas, and DGE for liquefied natural gas.

For full details on this alternative fuel tax levy, consult the Oklahoma Statutes 68-500.4.

Road Restrictions for Low- and Medium-Speed Electric Vehicles

Oklahoma separately defines and sets regulations for low-speed and medium-speed electric vehicles. Read on for driving restrictions and what qualifies as either EV.

Low-Speed Electric Vehicle Regulations

You may not operate a low-speed electric vehicle on streets or highways that have a posted speed limit greater than 35 MPH—with the exception of crossing any that bear a higher speed limit. Plus, Oklahoma's cities have the right to tighten such laws when it comes to city-owned streets in the interest of public health and safety.

Oklahoma defines low-speed electrical vehicles as any electric vehicle with 4 wheels that:

Medium-Speed Electric Vehicle Regulations

Medium-speed electric vehicles must be titled and registered by the regulations set forth by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Additionally, Oklahoma prohibits medium-speed electric vehicles from being operated on:

Oklahoma defines medium-speed electrical vehicles as any motor vehicle that is:

  • Self-propelled, electrically powered, and with 4 wheels.
  • Equipped with a roll cage or crush-proof body design.
  • And can travel a maximum speed of greater than 30 MPH, but under 35 MPH.

Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Stations

Oklahoma's Legislature believes promoting public access to compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations would benefit the public. Therefore, it has set two goals for increasing the number of CNG fueling stations across OK's entire interstate highway system:

  • Have at least one public CNG fueling station every 100 miles by 2015.
  • Have at least one public CNG fueling station every 50 miles by 2025.

For specifics on how the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (through the Fleet Management Division) may go about accomplishing this.

Keep Pace with the Latest Oklahoma Green Vehicle Laws

Oklahoma's green vehicle laws and related green driver incentives are subject to change. Refer back to this page, and also consult your local Oklahoma Tax Commission branch and the Alternative Fuels Data Center periodically to stay up to date.

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