Driving Records in Oklahoma

A personal driving record can be obtained via the Oklahoma DPS. A potentially faster and more convenient option is to get a copy of your driver record from our approved partner.

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This is a non-certified driving record. To purchase a certified driving record, please contact your local state motor vehicle agency.

Driving Records in Oklahoma

You can request your own or another person's Oklahoma driving record, also known as a motor vehicle report (MVR), through the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) Records Management Division.

Your OK driving record contains information about your driving history and can be used:

  • By government agencies and courts.
  • By insurance companies to adjust insurance premiums.
  • For statistics and research.
  • By employers for background checks and pre-employment screenings.

Types of Oklahoma Driving Records

The Oklahoma DPS offers the following types of driving records (MVRs):

  • Non-certified driving record summary.
  • Certified driving record summary.

Each type of MVR contains the last 3 years of your driving history, and includes any:

  • Traffic accidents.
  • Convictions.
  • Traffic violations.

You can order your own OK driving record or the driving record of another Oklahoma driver by mail or in person. You cannot order an Oklahoma MVR online.

How to Get an Oklahoma Driving Record

Driving Records for Employers

You can order employee driving records from the OKLAHOMA DPS, but with our approved partner, you’ll receive faster results tailored exactly to your needs.

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State Motor Vehicle Agency

In Oklahoma, you can order your own or someone else's driving record by mail, in person, or online

You can only request another person's Oklahoma driving record if your request falls under one of the permitted use categories, such as:

  • A federal, state, or local court conducting official business.
  • An attorney working on a case.
  • An insurance agency adjusting premiums or investigating a claim.

A complete list of authorized uses can be found on the Records Request and Consent to Release form (DPS 303RM).

Order Your OK Driving Record Online

You may request your own driving record online for $25. If you are 65 years old and older then your record will be free. Certified copies are an additional $3. All online transactions have an additional $2.50 fee.

By Mail Driving Record Request

To request an Oklahoma MVR by mail, you'll need:

If you're using regular mail, send your driving record request form and payment to:

Department of Public Safety
Records Management Division
P.O. Box 11415
Oklahoma City, OK 73136

If you're using any other mail service, send your driving record form and payment to:

Department of Public Safety
Records Management Division
3600 N. Martin Luther King Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

In Person

To request an Oklahoma motor vehicle report (MVR) in person, visit the DPS Records Management Division located at:

Room 206, Department of Public Safety
3600 N. Martin Luther King Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

You will need to bring:

What does an Oklahoma Driving Record Cost?

It will cost you the following fees for a driving record in Oklahoma:

  • Certified driving record: $28.
  • Non-certified driving record: $25.
  • Certified Collision report: $10.
  • Online transaction fee: $2.50.

Accepted Forms of Payment

If you're ordering an OK driving record by mail, payment must be made by:

  • Certified check.
  • Money order.
  • Cashier's check.

If you're ordering an OK driving record in person, payment must be made by:

  • Certified check.
  • Money order.
  • Cashier's check.
  • Cash.

NOTE: The Oklahoma DPS does not accept personal checks for motor vehicle record requests.

Correct Your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)

If there is an error on your Oklahoma driving record, contact the Oklahoma DPS Records Management Division at (405) 425-2262.

It is important to make sure your Oklahoma driving record is accurate. Incorrect information can lead to fines, an increase in your insurance premiums, and even a suspended OK driver's license.


Records Request and Consent to Release
Use this form to request AND/OR give permission for the release of records on file with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.
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