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COVID-19 Effects on Licensing & Vehicle Services

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, state DMVs nationwide have closed office locations, extended license and registration expiration dates, and/or limited the transactions they are processing. If possible, residents should use the DPS' online services or the the OTC's online services to complete any relevant transactions. Follow the DPS' most recent updates and the OTC's most recent updates for the latest information.

    Oklahoma MVD & DPS Locations

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    Visiting the DMV isn't typically an activity people get excited about, but Oklahoma residents can at least get to your local MVD or DPS branch sooner by using our Office Finder, which will give you the address of your closest licensing or vehicle office.

    Enter your zip code above or find your county below to find the nearest DMV to you, and read below to find out more about the tasks you can take care of while you're there.

    Oklahoma DPS Licensing Services

    In Oklahoma, the OK Department of Public Safety (DPS) is in charge of the personal paperwork you need to drive in the state.

    Specifically, you'll visit an Oklahoma DPS office for help with:

    Find your county below or enter your zip code above to find the closest OK DPS office to you.

    Oklahoma MVD Vehicle Services

    If you need the proper paperwork or legal upkeep of your vehicle, you'll have to visit the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), which is a branch of the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC).

    These offices will help you with tasks dealing with things such as:

    Find your county in the list below or enter your zip code above to learn about the nearest Oklahoma MVD office to you.

    Appointments & Online Services

    Before you head out the door, you may be able to complete your task right from home—no trip to the DMV needed!

    The DPS and MVD offer a variety of online services that can help you handle your licensing and registration from your computer.

    For those tasks that still need to be completed in person, check to see if you can make an appointment first—this way, you save yourself the wait in line.

    OK DMV Contact Information

    Oklahoma Tax Commission

    Main office: (405) 521-3160

    Address—OKC metro area:

    2501 N. Lincoln Blvd.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73194

    Address—Tulsa metro area:

    440 South Houston, 5th Floor
    Tulsa, OK 74127

    Department of Public Safety

    Phone: (405) 425-2300

    Physical address:

    3600 N. Martin Luther King Ave.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73111

    Mailing address:

    P.O. Box 11415
    Oklahoma City, OK 73111

    Motor Vehicle Division

    Phone: (405) 521-3160


    2501 N. Lincoln Blvd.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73194

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