Salesperson License in Oklahoma

Just been hired by a vehicle dealer to sell cars? Congratulations! But before you close your first sale, you must obtain a salesperson license from the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).

To do so, complete the salesperson Application for New Motor Vehicle Salesperson License and send it along with the $25 payment to the address on the form.

Include a copy of your criminal history background report or Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation report.

Other Stipulations

If your application is approved, you'll be given an identification card, which you should have with you when you're at work.

The license only allows you to sell vehicles for the employer listed on your application. If you change dealerships, your new employer will need to submit a Salesperson License Transfer Form so that your license will reflect the change.

For additional information about vehicle salesperson licenses, call (405) 607-8227.

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