Voter Registration in Ohio

Attention: Voter information and identification requirements may change prior to an election. Please check the Secretary of State website to make sure you have the most current information.

Register to Vote in Ohio

To participate in Ohio state elections or federal elections, you must register to vote ahead of time with the Ohio Secretary of State (SOS).

You can also register to vote through the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) while completing driver's license or ID card transactions.

This page explains how and where to register, voting deadlines, and the process for changing your address.

OH Voter Registration Eligibility

In order to vote in Ohio elections, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be at least 18 years old on or before Election Day.
  • Be an Ohio resident for at least 30 days.
  • NOT be imprisoned for a felony conviction.*
  • NOT be declared incompetent to vote by a probate court.
  • NOT be permanently disqualified for violating an election law.

*Your voting rights are restored upon your release from incarceration. You may be required to re-register to vote.

Check Voter Registration Status

To check the status of your voter registration or find your voting precinct and polling place in Ohio, please visit the Ohio Voter Information website.

Register to Vote in Ohio

To be eligible to vote in the next election in Ohio, you must be registered to vote at least 30 days before the election date.

You can register to vote through the county Board of Elections in person or by mail or online.

Register with the Ohio BMV

You can also register to vote at your local Ohio BMV office when you go in for any driver's license/ID card transactions, including:

  • Applying for a new driver's license.
  • Renewals.
  • Changing your name or address.

You'll need to complete and submit a Voter Registration and Information Update Form.


In order to register online, or change your address, with the My Ohio Vote system you will need to have ready:

  • Your Ohio driver's license or identification card number.
  • Your name, date of birth and address.
  • The last 4 digits of your Social Security number.

Participants of Safe at Home need to contact the Safe at Home office at (614) 995-2255 before they proceed with using the My Ohio Vote online system.

In Person or By Mail

To register to vote in person or by mail, take or send a completed Voter Registration and Information Update Form to your local county Board of Elections office. The Ohio SOS website provides a complete list of locations to obtain a copy of the OH Voter Registration Form.

You can also download the form and drop it off at any:

You can also complete the voter registration form online, generating a PDF document for you to print and mail to the address listed in the instructions.

Just Moved?

Find all the information you need to finish your moving requirements with the DMV.

Identification Requirements

Be sure to include either your OH driver's license number OR the last 4 digits of your Social Security number on the form.

If you cannot provide your Social Security number or your driver's license number, you may be asked to provide additional proof of identity or residency.

Military and Overseas Voter Registration

If you are an active-duty military member stationed out of state, or temporarily outside of the U.S., you can register to vote by mail.

Just return a completed Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application (Form 76) to the Ohio Secretary of State's office.

Once registered, you will automatically receive an absentee ballot for every election you are out of state.

NOTE: Your spouse and any dependents will also be able to register to vote using the method above.

Absentee Registration & Voting

Registered voters (see Register to Vote in Ohio above) can apply for to vote absentee.

Apply for an absentee ballot by:

  • Completing the Application for Absentee Ballot to Vote by Mail.
    • You complete this form online, but this is not an online registration or application process.
  • Print the form by following the print prompt at the bottom of the application.
  • Mail the form to your local county Board of Elections office.

Note that:

  • You must contact your local county Board of Elections office if you do not receive your absentee ballot by mail.
  • Your ballot must be postmarked no later than 1 day before the election.
    • The Board of Elections must receive your ballot no later than 4 days after the election.

For more information, visit the state's section on absentee voting.

Change Your Name and Address

If you need to change your information, you must update your Ohio voter registration at least 30 days before an election.

You may change the address or name on your voter information by mail, in person or online.

To change the address on your voter record in Ohio by mail or in person:

  • Complete the Ohio Voter Registration and Information Update Form.
  • Select either the “Updating my address" or “Updating my name" box on the form.
  • You must include either your driver's license number, last 4 digits of your Social Security number OR a copy of your current ID card, utility bill or bank statement.
  • Deliver or mail your form (and any other required documents) to your local county Board of Elections.
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