Suspended License in Ohio

Driver License Suspension in Ohio

If the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) suspended your Ohio driver's license, you'll need to satisfy your suspension requirements to have it reinstated.

Your driver's license may be suspended for reasons including:

  • Accumulating too many driving record points.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI/DWI) of alcohol.
  • Refusing to submit to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test.
  • Drug-related offenses and violations.
  • Failing to maintain the minimum Ohio car insurance requirements.

On this page, you'll find information about your suspension and how to reinstate your driver's license.

About Your Suspended License in Ohio

The duration of your driver's license suspension will vary depending on your offense.

NOTE: If your offense resulted in a criminal conviction, you may face additional fines and penalties from the court.

Your Ohio driver's license will be suspended for:

  • 6 months, if you accumulate 12 points on your driving record within 2 years.
  • 1 to 5 years, if you are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving and you refuse a BAC test, depending on the number of refusals.
  • 90 days to 5 years, if you are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving and you fail a BAC test.
  • 6 months for violating a driver's license restriction.
  • An indefinite period/until you satisfy your requirements or up to 2 years, if you fail to maintain car insurance/financial responsibility.

For information about your suspension, please refer to your OH BMV suspension notice or visit the BMV website.

Ohio Suspension Hearings and Appeals

Depending on the reason for your driver's license suspension, you may be able to request a hearing if you want to contest the suspension.

Generally, to request a hearing/appeal your suspension, you must either:

  • Mail a written hearing request to the Ohio BMV:
      Ohio P.O. Box 16784 Columbus, OH 43216
    Bureau of Motor Vehicles

  • Contact the court that served your suspension.
  • Appeal during your first court appearance.

NOTE: Most administrative hearing requests must be made within 30 days after receiving your suspension notice.

For more information on requesting a hearing/appeal for specific types of suspensions, read the Driver's License Reinstatement Procedures, or contact the Ohio BMV at (844) 644-6268.

Violating Insurance Laws

If your license was suspended for violating Ohio insurance laws and you want to contest your suspended license, you can request an Ohio BMV administrative hearing.

To request an administrative hearing:

  • Write a hearing request.
  • Include a $30 check or money order payable to “Treasurer, State of Ohio."
  • Mail the above to the address on your suspension notice.

NOTE: Administrative hearings have no effect on court convictions, fines and penalties. If you want to contest suspensions other than those caused by insurance law violations, you must contact the court in the county or city where your violation occurred.

Contact a Local Attorney

Looking for legal support during your license suspension? Find an attorney near you who can help you reinstate your driving privileges.

Reinstate Your Suspended OH License

Your reinstatement requirements will vary depending on the reason for your driver's license suspension.

NOTE: To prevent reinstatement delays, the Ohio BMV recommends that you mail any required documents and pay your fees at least 20 days before the end of your suspension.

To reinstate your suspended license, you'll generally need to:

  • Wait-out the duration of your suspension.
  • Satisfy any court requirements/fines, if applicable.
  • Complete a remedial driving course, if required.
  • Retake and pass the driving knowledge and skills tests, if required.
  • File and maintain SR22 car insurance for 3 – 5 years, for non-compliance suspensions.
  • Pay your reinstatement fees. (See “Fees to Reinstate Your OH Driver's License" below.)

Any required documents must be mailed to:

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Attn. RE Fee
P.O. Box 16520
Columbus OH 43216-6520

Your reinstatement fees can be paid:

  • By mail to the address above, or the address noted on your suspension notice.
  • In person at your local Ohio BMV office.
  • By phone by calling 1-866-OPLATES (675-2837).
  • Online at the Ohio BMV website.

If you visit an OH BMV office, you may need to provide proof of your identity and Ohio residency. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles' website provides a list of acceptable proofs.

Obtain a Restricted Driver's License

Depending on the circumstances of your suspended license, you may be able to request a restricted driver's license that allows you to drive to and from authorized locations.

To obtain a restricted license, you must:

  • Contact the court that served your suspension and obtain a restricted driver's license court order that includes the court seal.
  • Have a current driver's license OR a court order that allows you to renew or apply for a license.
  • Pass the driving knowledge and skills tests, if required.
  • Have no other pending suspensions.

Fees to Reinstate Your OH Driver License

Your reinstatement fees will vary depending on the reason for your driver license suspension. Included below are general reinstatement fees.

NOTE: You may face additional fines if you were convicted in court.

  • DUI/DWI conviction or BAC test refusal/failure: $475.
  • Insurance law violations:
    • Random selection: $100.
    • 1st offense: $100.
    • 2nd offense within 5 years: $300.
    • 3rd offense within 5 years: $600.
  • Minor traffic violations or failing to appear in court: $25.
  • Child support suspensions: $25.
  • Accumulating too many driving record points: $40.

For a complete list of reinstatement fees, read the Driver License Reinstatement Procedures.

To view your specific reinstatement fees and requirements, please refer to your suspension notice or access your records on the Ohio BMV website.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

The Ohio BMV accepts the following forms of payment:

  • In person: Cash, check, and money order.
  • By mail: Check or money order.
  • Online/by phone: Using your checking account information.

NOTE: Checks and money orders must be made payable to “Ohio State Treasurer."

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