DMV Point System in Ohio

Long after the Cleveland Cavaliers walked away as 2016 NBA Finals champions, the roar and pride of rejoicing Ohioans lingers in the air. Similarly, traffic tickets can linger, long after you've paid the required fines, in the form of points on your driving record.

We'll teach you the basics of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles' (BMV) point system and inform you of the effects points have on your driving privileges.

Points & Your OH Driver's License

If you're used to driving yourself to work, school, or even just the grocery store, having enough points on your record can throw a big wrench into your daily commute.

If you accumulate 12 points or more in 2 years, the Ohio BMV will suspend your driver's license for 6 months.

You'll automatically lose your driving privileges (in addition to receiving points on your record) if you're convicted of OVI.

Take a look at our license suspension guide for tips on how to reinstate your OH driver's license.

DMV.ORG TIP: For the Record...

Knowing the amount of points on your Ohio driving record is just as important as knowing your credit score. Check your record today and save yourself the worry tomorrow.

Ohio BMV Point Schedule

The number of points each traffic ticket carries depends on the violation's severity. Below you'll find a list of common violations and their corresponding point values.

For the full point schedule, check out the OH Bureau of Motor Vehicles' point codes.

  • Speeding over the limit by:
    • Over 10 MPH when the posted limit is 55 MPH or more: 2 points.
    • Over 5 MPH when the posted limit is less than 55 MPH: 2 points.
    • 30 MPH or more: 4 points.
  • Driving a car without the owner's consent: 6 points.
  • Driving with a suspended license: 6 points.
  • Evading the police: 6 points.
  • Killing OR injuring another person with your vehicle: 6 points.

NOTE: If you have an Ohio commercial driver's license (CDL), you could face higher point penalties AND immediate license suspension for certain traffic tickets. Read our CDL suspension page for more.

Clean Up Your OH Driving Record

The best way to maintain your driving privileges is to keep a clean driving record.

You have the option of taking a remedial driving course for a credit of 2 points as long as you have AT LEAST 2 points BUT FEWER than 12 points on your Ohio driving record.

This point credit doesn't remove points from your record, but rather acts as a cushion against future point accumulations.

FOR EXAMPLE: If, for instance, you get a ticket for a violation carrying 6 points, the remedial driving course credit will give you 2 points back, so only 4 points are added to your record.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles allows you to take this course for point credits every 3 years. You can use the remedial driving course for a point credit a maximum of 5 times.

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