Drivers in the Military in Ohio

If you are in the military stationed outside Ohio and it's time to renew your license, you may do so by mail. Contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) at (844) 644-6268 to be sent a renewal packet to complete and return, and then a new license will be sent to you. You may also wait until you return as long as you are still on active duty or have been separated from duty for no longer than 6 months.

The registrar may waive the examination of any person applying for the renewal of a license or endorsement who meets the qualifications listed below:

  • Has been on active duty in the military or naval forces of the United States.
  • Presents an honorable discharge certificate indicating that they don't have any physical or mental disabilities which would affect their driving ability.
  • Had an Ohio license at the time they began their active duty.
  • Makes the application within 6 months after the date of discharge or separation.
  • If not in possession of an Ohio license, is the holder of an expired out-of-state license and is still on active military duty, or within 6 months of their discharge date.

This also applies to spouses and dependents of military service members.

If you've been in service with the Peace Corps, Volunteers in Service to America, or the Foreign Service of the United States, you may renew by mail if the following apply:

  • Must present evidence of being in the service and also show that you don't have any physical or mental disabilities that would affect your driving ability.
  • You had an Ohio license at the time you began your service.
  • Must make your application within 6 months of leaving the Peace Corps, Volunteers, or Foreign Service.

The above provisions apply to military spouses and their dependents, as well.

Also, nonresident military personnel may continue to use their current, valid out-of-state license, but their families will need to apply for Ohio licenses.

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