Renewing Your CDL in New York

How to Renew a CDL in New York

An original commercial driver license from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles expires on your birthday. You must certify that you meet federal medical requirements to drive commercial vehicles. Additionally, holders of H or X endorsements must pass the hazardous materials written test during the before renewing their CDL.

The DMV will send you a renewal notice before your license expires, but you are allowed to renew it up to 1 year before the expiration date.

The renewal fee for a Class A, B, or Class C commercial license is either $164.50 or $180.50, regardless of how you renew.

Should you wish to add endorsements to your license at the time you renew, you can take the required knowledge (written) tests at the local DMV office if you renew in person, and pay the applicable fees.

Renewing in Person

Currently, the NY DMV only allows you to renew your commercial driver's license in person, due to some proofs of identity that must be submitted at the office. If you received a renewal notice in the mail, complete the renewal application form that was included, but bring it in to your local DMV.

You will be required to provide a number of federally required proofs of citizenship and identity. Please see the New York DMV's list of acceptable CDL renewal documents.

You will also need to certify that you meet federal medical requirements using either a medical certification or a Medical Examination Report (Form 649-F) depending on whether one is required to renew. If you hold a hazmat endorsement, you will pay an additional $5 fee and take the hazardous materials knowledge test. Your new photo CDL will arrive in the mail in at least 2 weeks.


Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination
Submit this medical certification form when applying for your New York CDL.
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