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The state of New York has different classifications for types of mopeds or scooters. The requirements for each class differ slightly, so you will want to verify which type of vehicle you have according to the list below.

New York Moped and Scooter Classifications

The New York DMV defines all mopeds and scooters as fitting into one of three separate classifications, based on the top speed of each vehicle.

Each class comes with its own specific requirements and restrictions:

  • Class A reaches top speeds between 30 and 40 MPH, requires a Class M or Class MJ license, and can operate in any traffic lane
  • Class B reaches top speeds between 20 and 30 MPH, requires any class license, and can only operate in either the right-hand lane or along the shoulder
  • Class C reaches top speeds of 20 MPH or less, requires any class license, and can only operate in either the right-hand lane or along the shoulder

Licensing and Registration for Your Moped or Scooter

Mopeds and scooters follow the same requirements as a New York motorcycle license. They require full registration, and the driver must have a valid Class 1 or Class M/MJ driver's license to operate them (depending on the class of vehicle as outlined above).

The fees for your registration will be based on the weight of your vehicle.

When you're ready to register your moped, you will need to visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles office and bring:

New York Moped and Scooter Insurance Requirements

In the state of New York, valid insurance is required for vehicles falling into either Class A or Class B, and is recommended for Class C. If you use a rental moped or scooter for business practices, then Class C will also require insurance.

Once you are licensed, and your vehicle is registered, inspected, and has adequate minimum insurance, you will be ready to legally operate your moped or scooter.

Safety Requirements

Both a helmet and eye protection are required when operating your Class A and Class B moped, and strongly recommended for a Class C. You must have a working headlight for any class of moped. Before riding any type of moped or motorcycle-style vehicle, it is recommended to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic Rider Course.

Other Motorized “Bikes" in New York

Some vehicle types cannot be registered or legally operated on any NY public street, highway, sidewalk, or parking lot. The NY DMV cannot provide any information about operation of these vehicles on private property; you will need to contact the local authorities and property owners to inquire about laws, rules, regulations, or requirements that they may have in place.


Vehicle Registration/Title Application
Application for NY title (original or replacement), registration (original, renewal, duplicate, or corrected), OR plate transfers.

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