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Time is a hot commodity―whether you live in the city that never sleeps or in bucolic Upstate New York. Fortunately, New York residents can save time with numerous online driver and vehicle services, whether through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or with help from a third party business. Read on for a list of driving-related tasks you can complete from your home computer.

New York Vehicle Services

To make sure you're up-to-date with all the payments and paperwork your vehicle needs, you can look directly to the DMV or find a helpful third party to assist you with the sometimes grueling details. Below are the tasks you can do through each entity.


  • Registration renewal.
  • Check your registration information/status.
  • Change your address on registration or title.
  • Complete a registration application after purchasing vehicle.
  • Estimate your registration fees.
  • Replace your registration document or title.
  • Check a title/lien status.
  • Provide proof of insurance.
  • Pay an insurance lapse civil penalty.
  • Check your insurance status.
  • Register an out-of-state snowmobile.
  • Sign up for email/text reminders on your car registration status.
  • Order special/custom license plates.
  • Check the mailing status of license plate order.

Third Parties

  • Obtain auto insurance.
    • Car insurance is mandatory for New York driving. Finding an auto insurance company is the only way to make sure you're complying with the law.
  • Order motorcycle insurance.
    • Motorcycles also must be insured under New York law. These companies will help you buy the coverage you need.
  • Order a vehicle history report.
    • Knowing a vehicle's past is paramount when deciding if it should be in your future. These companies can simplify and streamline the process of tracking down a vehicle history report.
  • Perform a VIN check.
    • A VIN check is another way to peek into the past history of a car, truck, RV, or motorcycle. These businesses help return vital information for making a purchasing decision—something the DMV can't do.

NY License & Personal Records

You have options when it comes to obtaining and renewing your license and keeping the document up to date, as well as collecting other personal records about yourself. Services are provided by both the NY DMV through its online services portal as well as third parties.

DMV/Other State Agencies

  • Driver's license renewal.
  • Renew or replace a non-driver ID card.
  • Replace a driver's license.
  • Check your driver's license status.
  • Check your driver's license renewal/replacement dates.
  • Change the address on your:
    • License.
    • Learner's permit.
    • State ID card.
  • Order your own driving record.
  • Restore your license after a suspension.
  • Access accident reports.
  • Schedule a road test.
  • Pay additional road test fees.
  • Access criminal history reports.

Third Parties

  • Driving records.
    • Do you have tickets, accidents, or violations in your past? Curious which ones show up on your driving record? These companies quickly and easily answer those questions for you.
  • Identity theft.
    • The world's fastest-growing crime can be combatted. See what you can do to help prevent it from happening to you.
  • Name change.
    • Planning a marriage or going through a divorce is already stressful enough. Let someone else take care of the details to change your name.
  • Background check.
    • Using state services to check into people's backgrounds is often a complicated, lengthy process, and you may only be able to receive a limited amount of information. With a third party vendor, you won't have to worry about jumping through the legal hoops.
  • Court records.
    • Obtaining court records can also be a bureaucratic mess. Using a third-party vendor ensures an easier process.
  • Vital records, including:
    • Death records.
    • Divorce records.
    • Marriage records.
      • You'll need these when applying for a license or other DMV-related services. When you need them fast, a third party is often the best way to go.
  • Public records.
    • Just because they're public does not mean they're easy to access. With the help of companies specializing in collecting and delivering public records to you, they can be.
  • International Driver's Permit (IDP).
    • Planning a long-term overseas journey isn't easy. Using an experienced company to help you secure an international driver's permit gives you one less thing to stress about.

Driver's Ed Services

Driver's education is only provided through third parties in New York and can be extremely helpful in not only bolstering your driving skills—making you safer on the road—but ensuring you can earn your license on the first try, saving yourself time, money, and stress.

You can receive further education on a number of driving topics, including:

Need a lawyer? Need to tie up some legal loose ends? You can do either and spend minimal time in the courtroom, thanks to online services provided both by the DMV and outside vendors.


Some online services provided by the New York DMV include:

  • Pay a driver responsibility assessment.
  • Pay driver civil penalties.
  • Plead guilty to/pay for any traffic tickets.
  • Schedule a hearing to challenge your ticket.
  • Get copies of traffic tickets.

Third Parties

  • Hire DUI attorneys.
    • If you're facing a DUI, seek legal help as quickly as possible. Using an experienced attorney can help ease some of the anxiety during this tough time.
  • Pay a traffic ticket.
    • Going through the state can be a slow process. Make sure your ticket is paid hassle-free and on-time.
  • Find a traffic ticket attorney.
    • If you were wrongly cited, they will give you the best chance of escaping a ticket.

Miscellaneous NY Services

There are plenty of other services you can access either through the NY DMV's online services or with help from an outside company.


  • Sign up for organ donation.
  • Order an EZ pass.
  • Register to vote.
  • Locate an eye doctor (for DMV-related vision tests).
  • Monitor your teen driver.
    • DMV service offering email updates when registered teen drivers receive moving violations.

Third Parties

  • Passport expedition.
    • Need to leave the country fast? Waiting for the normal passport process will extend that escape time by several weeks—if not months. Get on the fast track to passport preparation with the help of a third-party company. BBB Business Review