Motorcycle Registration in New York

If you own a motorcycle in New York, you are required to have it registered at a local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.

Here's what you need to know to begin the process.

*NOTE: This guide is for first-time motorcycle registrations. If you need to renew your registration in New York, visit our guide to registration renewals.

New to New York

If you are a new NY resident, you'll need to register your out-of-state motorcycle within 30 days of establishing residency.

Make an appointment with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office branch and bring:


If your vehicle is leased or a lienholder has the title, provide the following:

  • A copy of the title from your lienholder.
  • Lienholder's statement verifying the title copy, and including your motorcycle's:
    • VIN.
    • Year, make, and model.

For further details, check out the DMV's guide to out-of-state vehicle registrations.

Motorcycle Registration Periods in NY

Motorcycles in New York are registered for 1 year, and registrations expire on April 30.

If you register your motorcycle with less than a full year remaining until the statewide expiration, you'll still be responsible for the full year's registration fee—even if you register in March or April.

Registering Your NY Motorcycle

Motorcycle registration in New York can vary depending on whether your purchased your new motorcycle from a dealership or a private seller. We'll help you with the differences below.

Dealer-Purchased Motorcycles

Most New York dealers will issue you temporary motorcycle registration paperwork and license plates. Once the dealer submits your information to the Department of Motor Vehicles, you'll receive your permanent registration in the mail.

Some dealerships charge additional fees to complete registration and titling paperwork. Ask your dealer for more information about the process and the fees associated with registration.

If you choose to complete the registration process yourself, follow the same steps as you would when purchasing a motorcycle from a private seller.

Private Motorcycle Purchases

If you're registering a motorcycle you bought from a private seller, you'll need to gather a number of documents before heading to your local NYS DMV office.

Make an appointment for your registration, and bring with you:

The DMV will issue your new registration certificate and license plates, as well as a temporary inspection extension sticker, good for 10 days. This allows you to take your vehicle for its required inspections.

You should expect your new motorcycle title to arrive by mail within 45 days.

Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles charges the following for registering your motorcycle:

  • Registration fee:
  • Vehicle plate: $25.
  • Title certificate: $50.
  • Inspection fee: $6.
  • Sales and county use tax: Varies according to your county of residence and the purchase price of the motorcycle.

Some counties also require a Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District (MCTD) fee. Visit the DMV's guide to fees and taxes for a list of applicable counties.


Vehicle Registration/Title Application
Application for NY title (original or replacement), registration (original, renewal, duplicate, or corrected), OR plate transfers.
Statement of Transaction
Submit this form to the New York Department of Taxation and Finance if a vehicle was sold OR gifted without collecting sales tax.
Claim for Sales and Use Tax Exemption - Title/Registration
Use this form if you have grounds for exemption from sales and use taxes on a vehicle you're titling/registering.
Vehicle Bill of Sale
Use this form as a receipt/record when buying or selling a vehicle in New York.
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