Bill of Sale Requirements in New York

Bill of Sale in NY

In New York when you buy or sell a vehicle in a private sales transaction, a bill of sale is required along with the title transfer on the original vehicle title.

A bill of sale is a document recording the sale of a vehicle between parties. Beyond official purposes, it can also be useful for your files, or as legal protection in the event that the buyer fails to register the vehicle or later abandons it.

NOTE: If a NY vehicle title is not available, you can find a list of other acceptable proofs of ownership at the state's website.

New York Bill of Sale Details

New York provides a Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form MV-912) for official use.
If you're creating your own, include the following:
  • The vehicle's:
    • Vehicle identification number (VIN).
    • Make.
    • Model.
    • Year.
  • The odometer reading.
  • The final sale price.
  • The buyer and seller's:
    • Names.
    • Addresses.
    • Signatures.

Generic Bill of Sale

To assist you in finding a form, we provide a free, printable generic bill of sale form for your use.


Vehicle Bill of Sale
Use this form as a receipt/record when buying or selling a vehicle in New York.
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