Traffic Ticket FAQ in Nevada

What do I do after getting a Nevada traffic ticket?

First, you must decide on how to plead. You have three options: guilty, no contest or not guilty. The first two options require paying your fine before the court appearance date listed on your citation expires. Pleading guilty means you plan on challenging your NV traffic ticket, requiring appearing in court. Regardless of how you plea, you must submit a response before the court appearance date on your ticket passes.

What happens if I ignore my traffic ticket?

The court will issue a bench warrant for your arrest for failing to respond to the appearance date listed on your Nevada traffic ticket. This in turn could affect your credit rating and prompt the DMV to suspend your NV driver's license. Your best bet is to either pay or contest your Nevada traffic ticket.

Do I have to go through the court listed on my citation?

If, for example, you live in Las Vegas but were ticketed in Reno, you must settle your ticket with the Reno court listed on your NV traffic ticket. So yes, you must go through the court listed on your citation.

Does Nevada have a point system?

The Nevada DMV assigns demerit points to your driving record with every traffic ticket conviction. The more serious the violation the higher the number of points. The DMV will suspend your NV driver's license if you accumulate 12 or more points on your driving record. Learn more in our Points page.

Can I get points removed by attending a DMV-approved traffic safety school?

You have the option to voluntarily enroll in a traffic safety school if you have between 3 and 11 points on your driving record. Completing a course will remove 3 points. However, points will not be removed if your attendance was part of a plea bargain agreement. Read our page on Defensive Driving for more information.

How long will points remain on my driving record?

Points will remain on your driving record for one year, beginning on the date of your Nevada citation. And although the points are erased, the citation remains permanently on driving record.

Can I pay my NV traffic ticket with a credit card?

Each court is different. Call the court listed on your citation for payment information.

Can I arrange for a payment plan?

Inquire with the court listed on your traffic ticket. You might also have the option to push back your court date.

Can a traffic lawyer appear in court for me?

Yes. This is especially helpful if you don't live in the area where you were ticketed. Be sure you hire a traffic ticket attorney who is well versed in NV traffic laws and has traffic court experience.

What is the cost of my NV traffic ticket fine?

The fine should be listed on your citation. If you have any questions about the fine amount, contact your presiding court. Fines vary across the state depending on court, county and the driver circumstances (license type, driving record, etc.).

When should I hire a traffic ticket attorney?

Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer is a smart idea, especially if you decide to fight your Nevada traffic ticket. Legal counsel might be able to help you get reduced charges or ticket dismissal. This in turn might save you from a suspended driver's license and/or increased car insurance rates.

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