Types of Special License Plates in Nevada

SUMMARY: Types of Nevada Special Plates

Many types of specialty plates are available in Nevada, including personalized plates, plates for charities and organizations, and military veteran tags. You'll usually pay additional fees for specialty plates, which vary.


Nevada Personalized License Plates

One of the most common specialty plates available in NV is the personalized license plate, which allows you to choose a custom tag number.

Personalized plate numbers must follow certain rules to be approved by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). They:

  • Can have up to 7 characters.
    • Up to 6 characters for motorcycle and trailer plates.
  • CANNOT use combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols that:
    • Refer to illegal activity, such as drug use or gang culture.
    • Use profanity, sexually explicit, or otherwise vulgar language.
    • Express bias against a gender, religion, ethnicity, or race.
    • Insult a person or group.

You can see if your desired custom tag is available using the NV DMV Personalized Plate Search. Availability DOES NOT mean that your plate will be approved.

The fees for vanity plates are charged IN ADDITION to standard registration fees and renewal fees and varies based on which personalized license plate you choose.

To learn more about personalized plate applications, see our page on Applying for Specialty Plates.

Special Issue Tags in NV

In Nevada, there are various special issue license plates available, including:

  • Charity and organizational plates.
  • A replica Nevada plate.
  • Occupational plates.

Read below for more information about these special license plates and their fees.

For application details, visit our page about Applying for Specialty Plates.

Charitable License Plates

Charity license plates allow you to show your support for special causes, charities, and colleges.

Fees for these plates are paid IN ADDITION to standard registration fees and renewal fees. Fees vary depending on the type of tag.

Examples of charity plates and their fees include:

  • Children in the Arts tag:
    • Initial fee: $51.
    • Renewal: $20.
  • Animal Appreciation plate:
    • Initial fee: $61.
    • Renewal: $30.

See a complete list of special plates on the NV DMV website.

A portion of the fees goes to the organization represented on the license plate itself, or to a charity or non-profit organization related to the cause that the plate supports.

Special plates can also be personalized for an additional fee.

Replica Nevada License Plate

The NV DMV offers a Circa 1982 Replica plate for passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles.

The fees for the replica plate are:

Personalization is available for an additional fee.

Occupational & Organizational Plates

The Nevada DMV offers license plates for several occupations and special organizations, such as:

  • Amateur Radio operators.
  • Masonic Lodge Members.
  • Press.
  • Firefighters.

You must provide proof of your eligibility for these plates, such as verification of employment.

Visit the NV DMV website for more information about available organization plates and occupation plates.

Military Veteran Plates in NV

In Nevada, military veteran plates are available for:

  • Branches of the military.
  • Military units, such as:
    • Army Airborne.
    • Navy Seabees.
  • Military decorations and families, such as:
    • Ex-Prisoner of War.
    • Gold Star Family.
    • Purple Heart.
  • Disabled veterans. See Disability Plates & Placards in Nevada for details.

Fees for veteran license plates are charged IN ADDITION to standard registration and renewal fees.

Fees vary by plate type; for example:

  • Branch plates:
    • $60 to order (plus $0.50 Prison Industries fee), $30 to renew.
  • Congressional Medal of Honor plate: $7 to order.
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor plate:
    • $26 to order, $5 to renew.

For a complete list of plates and their fees, see the NV DMV website.

For application details, see our page on Applying for Specialty Plates.

Classic & Antique Vehicle Plates

Several license plates are available for vehicles that qualify as classic, antique, or historic vehicles.

Each plate has specific eligibility requirements and fees. Fees are paid IN ADDITION to regular registration fees and renewal fees.

Examples of classic plates and their fees include:

  • Classic Vehicle plates for vehicles at least 25 years old and NOT customized:
    • Initial fee: $36.
    • Renewal: $10.
  • Street Rod plates for vehicles manufactured before 1949:
    • Initial fee: $36.
    • Renewal: $10.
  • Old Timer vehicle plates for vehicles more than 40 years old:
    • Initial fee: $36.
    • Renewal: $10.

Tags are also available for motorcycles and other vehicles. See the Nevada DMV website for a complete list.

NOTE: Classic and antique tags CANNOT be personalized.

To learn more about applying for classic car plates, see Applying for Specialty Plates in Nevada.

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