Replacing a Lost Title in Nevada

Replacing a Lost Title in Nevada

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles will replace a title if yours was lost, damaged, or stolen.

Once the NV DMV process your request, you will receive your new title from Carson City.

Continue reading this page for specific details about how to apply for a duplicate NV title, add/remove liens from your title, or make corrections to your Nevada title.

How to Get for a Duplicate Title in Nevada

NOTE: If you are not sure about the last state it was titled in, you can contact the DMV Records Section for a query into various national auto databases.

You can request a Nevada replacement title in person or by mail. You'll need to:

Nevada DMV
555 Wright Way
Carson City, NV 89711

What are the Fees for a Duplicate Title?

The duplicate title fee is $21 if the vehicle is in Nevada.

If your vehicle is titled in a separate state, your fee will be $35.

There is an $8.25 title processing fee if a change of ownership is required.

Expedited Duplicate Titles

Titles are sent from the Carson City office. However, you can have them sent via Federal Express.

You will need to:

Other Title Scenarios

Is there a lien on your title?

If an existing lienholder is present, ask him or her for permission to change their status. They'll need to apply for a new title and issue a letter advising you of this. You may need to sign the title and power of attorney.

Without a lienholder, sign the title as if you were selling it, but then add new names in the buyer section.

In either case, standard vehicle registration procedures apply for all parties, such as smog check and liability insurance.

Are you out of state?

If you're out of state, you must submit a written statement from the state agency in that state requesting a duplicate new vehicle title with a complete vehicle description, such as model, VIN and make.

It also acknowledges that the Nevada Certificate of Title has not been surrendered to them.

If the vehicle stays in Nevada, you'll pay a $21 title fee. If it is not located in Nevada or registered here, you'll pay a $35 title fee.

Never Received Your Original Title?

If you never received the original title, you can also complete a Lost Title Affidavit (Form VP-206) to submit with your application for replacement. This will certify that the title for a specific vehicle was issued but never received.

You also pledge to surrender the original title if it is found.

Corrections to Your NV Title

You can change names, lienholder information or family trust information in your request to replace your title.

For more information you can read our Title Transfers page.

Change Your Name

When applying for your duplicate title, you must supply a legal document that authorizes the name change, such as a divorce decree, marriage certificate or court order. All other instructions remain the same. See "Apply for a Duplicate Title" above for specific details.

In the event of a divorce, you're required to produce documentation that authorizes awarding of the title of a specific vehicle.


VP012 Application for Duplicate Nevada Certificate of Title

Request a replacement NV vehicle title from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Download Open the form
VP-265 Application For Expedited Processing of Nevada Title

Application for an expedited Nevada vehicle title from the DMV.

Download Open the form
VP-206 Lost Title Affidavit

Verify that you never received your Nevada car title from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Download Open the form

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