Replacing a Lost CDL in Nevada

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The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) handles replacement commercial driver's licenses. You MUST apply for a duplicate commercial driver's license in person at a NV DMV office that handles CDL transactions.

You must have a valid, properly endorsed CDL to operate any commercial vehicle; do not drive a commercial truck until you have your replacement CDL. Consider reporting your lost CDL to local and state authorities for identity protection purposes.

Apply for Nevada Duplicate CDL

Apply for your replacement NV commercial driver's license in person with a DMV office that handles CDL transactions.

Before you visit the office, have ready:

Per Nevada's “Central Issuance" program, the DMV will give you a temporary CDL—also called an “interim document"—that is valid for 45 days, after which you'll receive your permanent replacement.

Out-of-State NV Replacement CDL

Nevada CDL drivers MUST visit an in-state CDL office to apply for a replacement commercial driver's license. See the above sections for details. 


CDL 002
Application for Commercial Driving Privileges
Department of Motor Vehicles application for a new, renewed, OR duplicate Nevada commercial driver's license (Class A, B, C, or M) OR commercial instruction permit.
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