Renewing Your CDL in Nevada

How to Renew

All Nevada CDLs must be renewed in person every 4 years or 8 years at the Department of Motor Vehicles. (Note: The NV DMV will transition to CDLs that are valid for 8 years by 2018). Those born in odd-numbered years will be issued a CDL valid for 4 years. At the next renewal you will be issued a CDL valid for 8 years. Those born in even-numbered years will be issued a CDL valid for 8 years. CDL holders 65 years old and older are only able to renew a CDL for 4 years. To renew any Commercial driver's license go into your local full-service DMV office and submit the following:

  • Evidence of a physical exam with a medical certificate or a Medical Examination Report (Form 649-F), if required.
  • Pay applicable fees (see "Renewal Fees," below).
  • For hazardous materials endorsements, take the hazardous materials knowledge test again and submit to another federally mandated background check (through the TSA: $86.50) if you wish to keep this endorsement on your CDL.

NOTE: If you've been convicted of multiple moving violations, you will probably be required to take the knowledge tests again, and possibly even the driving tests. Talk to an examiner at your full-service DMV office for more details.


Upgrading Your Endorsements

If you wish to add an endorsement to your CDL or upgrade your license class, you will need to fill out a new Commercial Driver's License Application (Form DMV 002) and pass the applicable knowledge and/or skills tests.

Renewal Fees

Fees are payable when you come in to renew:

  • Renewal requiring no test or only a knowledge test:
    • $58.25 (valid for 4 years)
    • $112.25 (valid for 8 years)
  • Renewal requiring knowledge and skills tests:
    • $88.25 (valid for 4 years)
    • $142.25 (valid for 8 years)
  • Added endorsement: $15 plus $3.25 photo fee
  • Drive test to add endorsement: $31 plus $3.25 photo fee

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