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Motorcycle Insurance Minimum Requirements in Nevada

In Nevada you must have motorcycle insurance to register your motorcycle and operate it on public roads. This insurance is, in effect, your proof of financial responsibility in the event you cause an accident while driving.

Ways to Establish Financial Responsibility

Simply put, the best way to comply with financial responsibility laws is to purchase liability insurance through a recognized motorcycle insurance company.

The only alternative to buying an insurance policy is self-insurance―but state law requires you to own more than 10 vehicles before you qualify for this option.

Motorcycles Defined

Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes, but state laws contain very specific language about what a motorcycle is and isn't:

    • Motorcycle―A motorized vehicle with a seat for the driver and operating on a maximum of three wheels. It includes power cycles but not tractors or mopeds. Motorcycles are considered the same as standard passenger vehicles and require registration and insurance.

If you're not sure where your vehicle falls within these definitions, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) at one of the following numbers:

    • Las Vegas area: (702) 486-4DMV (4368)
    • Reno/Sparks/Carson City: (775) 684-4DMV (4368)
    • Rural Nevada: (877) 368-7828, toll-free

Nevada Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Even if you do not use your motorcycle, if you register it you must also insure it throughout the entire registration period. Your insurance carrier must be licensed to do business in Nevada.

The minimum liability insurance requirements are:

    • $15,000 bodily injury coverage for 1 person in an accident
    • $30,000 bodily injury coverage for 2 or more people per accident
    • $10,000 property damage coverage per accident

Keep your insurance card with you at all times.

Although the state requires liability insurance only, many riders still prefer to get comprehensive and collision coverage. Check out the different types of insurance coverage available as you get a motorcycle insurance quote to make sure you get the policy that will work best for you.

How Coverage Affects Helmet Requirements

In the Silver State, motorcycle riders and passengers must wear helmets, no matter what.

Proof of Insurance and Financial Responsibility

The state of Nevada wants you to carry liability insurance, so it has created the Liability Insurance Validation Electronically program (Nevada LIVE) to make sure every driver on the road is adequately covered. Even so, it's best to keep your insurance with you at all times.

Penalties for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility

If you have no motorcycle insurance coverage, your registration may be suspended. You won't legally be allowed to ride your motorcycle on public roads until the registration has been reinstated.

And if you attempt to ride without current registration, a law enforcement officer may pull your plates or even impound your bike immediately.

Registration Reinstatement

To reinstate your motorcycle registration, you'll need to:

    • Obtain the minimum amount of liability coverage for your bike.
    • Pay a minimum $250 reinstatement fee.

Note: If your motorcycle was considered "dormant" during the lapsed period because of mechanical problems or seasonal conditions, you can fill out a Dormant Vehicle Affidavit (Form NVL-003). Submit the form and proof of the dormancy to the DMV and pay the $50 reinstatement fee.

You can reinstate your registration by mail, by fax or in person at a DMV office.

You can also visit a self-service kiosk at a DMV location or complete the online Insurance Verification Reinstatement form. These options are available to you only if you meet the following requirements:

    • You have the suspension notice that includes an access code or barcode.
    • Your new insurance information is in the DMV system, which can take up to a month after your provider sends in the report.
    • Your vehicle registration was actually suspended.
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