Applying for Special Plates in Nevada

SUMMARY: Apply for a Specialty Nevada License Plate

In Nebraska, you may apply for specialty plates in person by completing an application and paying a plate fee. Some plates, such as personalized plates, may be ordered by mail or fax. You may renew your specialty plate with your vehicle registration renewal or replace them if they were stolen, lost, or damaged. Finally, you can transfer your plates to another vehicle you own if you sell your car.

Both specialty and personalized plates are available for purchase in Nevada. Learn how you can apply for and renew these types of plates.

Applying for Specialty Plates in Nevada

Drivers have the option of choosing from a number of specialty plates in Nevada. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) makes ordering one of these plates simple.

Specialty plates can be ordered:

  • In person.
    • Most plate types must be ordered in person (see below).
  • By mail or fax.
    • ONLY available for the following:
      • Circa 1982 plates.
      • Sample and souvenir plates.

NOTE: Personalized plates may also be ordered in person, by mail, or by fax.

In Person

You must order most specialty plates in person at any DMV Full Service Office or County Assessor. To do so:

  • Complete the appropriate application.
  • Pay the specialty plate fee.
  • Provide any plate-specific supporting documents or proof of eligibility.
    • This will vary by plate. Find your plate and check your form to see what you need to bring.

Currently Registered Vehicles

If your vehicle is currently registered in NV, you need to take the following steps in addition to those above.

  • Surrender your plates.
    • To keep your old plates, bring your rear plate and surrender your decal at the office.
  • Pay the $5 substitute plate fee.

When you initially purchase your specialty plate, you'll get to choose whether to renew your registration for a full year. If you elect to do so:

  • You must complete an emissions test (if yours was over 90 days prior and it is required by the DMV for your county).
  • Your expiration date will change UNLESS it is 35 days away or less.

New Registrations

If this is your first time registering the vehicle, you must follow all normal registration steps in addition to the specialty plate process above. See our page on registering your vehicle in Nevada.

By Mail or Fax

Only certain specialty plates may be ordered by mail or fax:

  • Circa 1982 plates.
  • Sample and souvenir plates.

Circa 1982 plates may be ordered in person (see above), by mail, or fax. However, sample and souvenir plates may ONLY be ordered by mail or fax.

To order any of these plates by mail or fax:

  • Complete the appropriate paperwork:
  • Provide payment for applicable fees by check or money order to the DMV, or use a Payment Authorization sheet (Form ADM-205) to pay by credit/debit card.
  • Fax all of the the above to (775) 684-4992 OR mail the items to:
    DMV - Special Plates Section
    555 Wright Way
    Carson City, NV 89711

NOTE: Circa 1982 plates must be picked up in person from your DMV full service location or County Assessor. You'll get a notification from the location you choose as your pick-up location when they are ready.

Applying for NV Personalized Plates

You have the option to personalize standard plates or various forms of specialty plates. Personalized Nevada plates may be ordered:

  • In person.
  • By mail.
  • By fax.

The DMV advises applying by mail or fax IF:

  • Your car is already registered in the state.
  • You are new to state.
  • You plan to buy a new vehicle.

It's best to apply in person if you are newly registering your car or planning to renew your registration in the next 60 days.

NOTE: You may also order plates if you plan to move to the state within 60 days.

Ordering Your Plates

To order your plates, find your application and take the same steps as described above for in person or mail/fax orders.

NOTE: These plates must be approved. Once the DMV approves your plates, they will ship them to the location you indicated on your form. If your plate is not approved, the DMV will return your payment.

Checking Plate Availability

You can check for personalized plate availability online, regardless of which method you choose to order your plates. This will ensure you don't order plates that are already taken.

Renewing Specialty Plates in NV

You will renew your plates when you renew your vehicle registration. Note that your annual plate fee will typically be somewhat lower than your initial purchase fee.

To learn more, visit our page on renewing your registration in Nevada.

Replacing NV Specialty Plates

You can replace your specialty or personalized plates:

  • In person.
  • By mail or fax.
    • NOT available for replacement of stolen plates.

Note that you CANNOT keep your current plate number or message if your plates were stolen – only if they were damaged or lost.

To learn more about applying for duplicate plates, see our page on license plates and placards in NV.

Transferring Specialty Plates in Nevada

When you sell your vehicle in Nevada, your license plates stay with you. Upon sale, you must either:

  • Transfer them to another vehicle you own.
  • Surrender them to the DMV within 30 days of the sale date.
    • You may be able to keep your specialty or personalized plates as a souvenir and cancel your registration; however, you must surrender your decal.

If you wish to give your plates to the buyer, you'll need to complete a License Plate Release (Form SP67). This often occurs when the vehicle being sold is a classic car.

NV Specialty Plate Fees

Your fees will vary according to:

  • Your plate type.
  • Whether you choose to personalize your plate.
  • Whether it is an initial application or renewal.

Typical fees range between $20 and $70; however, your fee may be lower or higher based on your specific plate. Visit the NV DMV website and find your plate to see your fee.


SP 45
Circa 1982 Replica License Plate
Order replica NV license plates (with option for personalization) from the DMV.
Credit/Debit Card Authorization
You may need to complete this authorization form to submit a credit/debit card payment to the NV Department of Motor Vehicles.
License Plate Release
Release your license plate to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. Completion of this form allows your old license plate number to be used on another vehicle.
SP 17
Souvenir Nevada License Plate Application
Order souvenir NV license plates from the Department of Motor Vehicles.
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