Traffic Ticket FAQ in New Mexico

I just got ticketed. What's my next move?

You will need to decide on one of three pleas:

The first two pleas require paying the traffic ticket fine to the court listed on your citation. Pleading not guilty means appearing at the court on the date and time posted on your traffic ticket. Regardless of plea, you must enter it before the ticket's appearance date expires.

What happens if I ignore my traffic ticket?

If you do not respond by the citation's appearance date, your NM driver's license will be suspended and the court may issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

Can I reschedule my court date?

Most courts will accommodate a scheduling conflict if you provide enough advance notice. There are, however, no guarantees. You can also inquire about having a traffic ticket attorney stand in for you in court.

Will I get points on my driving record?

All traffic violations come with points. The more severe the violation, the higher the point total.

Can too many points cause a suspension?


Learn more on our page covering New Mexico ticket penalties.

Can I get points dismissed from my driving record?

Yes. Learn full details on our Defensive Driving page.

How do I know what fine to pay?

The fine amount will be posted on your citation. If you have any questions regarding the fine, contact the court listed on your traffic ticket.

Are traffic ticket fines the same throughout the state?

Fines vary by county and municipality. However, penalties and points are uniform. Read more in our New Mexico Traffic Ticket Fines and Penalties page.

Check with the court. Some may be willing to arrange for a payment plan. Other courts may allow performing court-approved community service.

Why should I check my driving record?

It's always smart to check your driving record for accuracy following a traffic ticket conviction. Verify that the point total and listed violations are correct. Any errors that add points to your record could affect your driving privileges.

Will a traffic ticket conviction affect my car insurance rates?

Each car insurance company has different policies regarding citations. But in most instances you can expect an increase in your insurance premiums. Keep in mind that you always have the option to shop for new a provider. Comparing rates online is a fast and convenient way to find coverage that meets your needs and accommodates your budget.

Should I hire a traffic ticket attorney?

Legal counsel might improve your chances for a favorable court decision. This could mean reduced charges or the outright dismissal of your traffic ticket, possibly sparing you from points and a suspended driver's license.

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