Replacing a Lost CDL in New Mexico

Apply for your replacement commercial driver's license with the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD); generally, you must apply in-person, but the MVD MIGHT make an exception for out-of-state commercial drivers.

The NM MVD recommends filing a police report for a lost CDL, and you MUST file a police report if you want a new license number assigned. DO NOT operate a commercial vehicle or truck until you get your replacement CDL.

Order a Duplicate CDL in NM

Apply for your replacement CDL in-person at your local NM MVD office. The process for applying for a replacement CDL isn't clear, so be sure to call ahead to make sure you have all the correct documents and fees.

In general, though, be prepared to:

  • Complete any required application(s) for duplicates.
  • Provide a police report if you believe your CDL was stolen.
  • Provide all required proofs of identity and residency related to the Real ID and/or driver's authorization card.
    • The NM MVD now issues each duplicate as a Real ID or driving authorization card, so you must provide the same proofs as you would for a first-time license. Visit our guide to Applying for a New License for steps and details
  • Pay a fee. 
    • Call ahead to confirm the fee amount. 
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