Motorcycle Registration in New Mexico

All New Mexico residents must register their motorcycles with the Motor Vehicle Division before hitting the desert roads. This guide will help simplify the process both for new residents and after buying a new bike.

Looking for renewal info? Jump over to our NM Registration Renewal page for help!

New Residents to New Mexico

Upon establishing New Mexico residency, you'll need to both title and register your motorcycle with the MVD.

BEFORE doing so, you must:

  • Complete a vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection.
    • These are NOT offered at every MVD branch. Check with your local field office to see if this service is offered there.
  • Get an emissions inspection IF:
    • You now live in or commute to Bernalillo County.
    • Your motorcycle is model year 1989 or newer AND weighs up to 10,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight.

Our Vehicle Inspections section has more detail for you, and our Title Transfers page has specific details on titling.

Once these steps are complete, visit your local MVD field office with:

DO NOT bring highlighted documents—the MVD will reject them.

Registering a NM Motorcycle

While generally the same process, some of the steps required for New Mexico motorcycle registration vary depending on whether you bought your bike new or used.

Regardless, you need to register it with the MVD within 30 days of purchase.

Visit your closest field office and submit:

    • The Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO), for new motorcycles.
    • The completed and signed title, for used motorcycles.
  • A Bill of Sale (Form MVD10009).
    • Needed if the title assignment is incomplete, or there isn't room on the title to do so.
  • A dealer's invoice (original or certified copy), if purchased from a dealership.
  • A completed Application for Title and Registration (Form MVD10002).
  • An odometer statement, written on any of the following:
  • Proof of:
    • New Mexico motorcycle insurance.
    • Vehicle trade-in, if applicable.
      • This can be a copy of either the title or registration for the vehicle you traded in.
    • New Mexico residency (2 documents).
    • Emissions inspection, if applicable (see “Emissions Inspections” below).
    • VIN inspection, if the bike was previously titled in a different state.
  • Your lienholder's contact info, if applicable.
  • Payment for the applicable registration feesee below for details.

Additionally, if your motorcycle is used and the previous owner had a lien, you'll need to provide proof of a lien release before being able to register.

DO NOT bring highlighted documents—the MVD will reject them.

Emissions Inspections

For affected residents of/commuters to Bernalillo County, your emissions inspection requirement will differ based on whether your motorcycle is new or used.

When purchasing a motorcycle brand new, you are exempt from the emissions testing requirement for the bike's first 2 years. After that, your motorcycle is subject to all standard county inspection requirements.

If the motorcycle is used, you'll need to ensure it has passed its most recently required inspection. The MVD will typically have this information stored electronically from the testing center, but still make sure to ask for a copy from the seller or dealer.

Motorcycle Registration Fees in NM

Registration fees vary in New Mexico, depending on your vehicle's weight, model year, and registration period:

  • Motorcycle registration:
    • 1 year: Between $27 to $62.
    • 2 years: Between $54 to $124.
  • Excise tax: 4% of the vehicle price.


Bill of Sale
Use the MVD's bill of sale as a proof of purchase when transferring ownership of a vehicle or vessel in New Mexico.
Vehicle Title and Registration Application
Apply for a new, duplicate, OR transferred New Mexico vehicle title AND/OR registration with the Motor Vehicle Division.
Odometer Disclosure Statement
The Motor Vehicle Division requires this form be used to disclose the mileage on a vehicle that's being sold.
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