Motorcycle Manual in New Mexico

SUMMARY: Motorcycle Manual in New Mexico

The New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) does not publish a separate motorcycle manual. All of the information you'll need to prepare for the NM motorcycle written test and apply for your motorcycle license can be found in the NM Driver's Manual.

Keep browsing to learn what you'll find in the New Mexico driver's handbook.

About the New Mexico Driver's Manual

Since New Mexico does not publish a motorcycle manual, you'll need to read the Driver's Manual (also available in Spanish) to learn about traffic laws, road signs, and motorcycle riding. Topics include:

  • How to handle a motorcycle.
  • Switching lanes.
  • Using mirrors.
  • Passing.
  • Riding next to cars.
  • Braking.
  • Riding at night.
  • Applying for your driver's license.

NM MVD Motorcycle Written Test

In addition to all other requirements to apply for a motorcycle license in New Mexico, you must pass a knowledge test. The questions you must answer are generated from information found in the Driver's Manual.

NOTE: If your NM driver's license has been expired for 5 years or longer, you will also need pass a written test to renew it.

When you're ready, you can put your driving knowledge to the test by taking a DMV Motorcycle Practice Test.

To learn more about NM motorcycle licensing requirements, please visit our page about Motorcycle Licenses.

Free Motorcycle Practice Test Questions

Prior to visiting your local New Mexico MVD office to take the written test and obtain your motorcycle license, try answering these free sample DMV practice test questions.

Sample New Mexico Motorcycle Test Question #1

You must stop at a crosswalk in New Mexico:

a) When there is a marked line.
b) When pedestrians are near.
c) Even if there are no marked lines.
d) All of the above.

(Answer: d)

Sample New Mexico Motorcycle Test Question #2

In New Mexico, which lane is designed for passing slow vehicles?

a) The far right lane.
b) The center lane.
c) The left lane.
d) Any lane.

(Answer: c)

Sample New Mexico Motorcycle Test Question #3

What is the maximum speed limit for business or residential areas in New Mexico (unless shown otherwise)?

a) 20 MPH.
b) 30 MPH.
c) 35 MPH.
d) 45 MPH.

(Answer: b)

Once you're finished reading the New Mexico Driver's Manual, you can take a complete DMV Motorcycle Practice Test or obtain a printable a NM DMV Study Guide for further preparation.

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