Motorcycle License in New Mexico

New Mexico's natural wonders are crafted for the motorcycle rider. Imagine winding your way through red rock canyons, flying past the gold and green flatland scenery, and maybe even stopping to dip your toes in a lone, wandering creek.

If this is the way you'd like to experience the Land of Enchantment, keep reading for information on how to get your New Mexico motorcycle credentials.

New to New Mexico?

If you just moved to New Mexico and already have a motorcycle license/endorsement from another state, you can transfer your credentials by visiting your local NM Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office branch and submitting your:

  • Out-of-state license.
  • Proof of your:
    • Identity.
    • New Mexico residency.
    • Social Security number.
  • Payment for the NM motorcycle licensing fees (see below for details).

Types of Motorcycle Endorsements

In New Mexico, a motorcycle license (Class M) or standard license can come with the following endorsements:

  • W endorsement—Allows you to ride any motorcycle that:
    • Has 2 wheels or 3 wheels.
    • Displaces 100 cc or more.
  • Y endorsement—Allows you to operate a motorcycle that:
    • Has EITHER 2 wheels or 3 wheels.
    • Displaces between 50 cc and 100 cc.
  • Z endorsement—Allows operation of any motorcycle that:
    • Has EITHER 2 wheels or 3 wheels.
    • Displaces less than 50 cc.

NM Motorcycle License Eligibility

To qualify for a motorcycle license or a motorcycle endorsement on your standard license or permit, you must:

  • Meet the minimum age requirements:
    • 13 years old: Eligible to apply for a Class M license with a Y or Z endorsement.
    • 15 years old: Eligible to apply for—
      • A Class M license with a W, Y, or Z endorsement.
      • The above endorsements added to your standard license or permit.
  • Complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course.
    • This course is optional for riders 18 years old or older. However, anyone choosing not to take the course must pass a written and basic skills test.

Get your NM Motorcycle Credentials

Once you've met New Mexico's motorcycle license eligibility requirements, visit your local NM MVD office and present the following:

  • EITHER your:
    • MSF course completion certificate.
    • Written proof that you've passed the MVD's motorcycle written and road tests (if your age allows).
  • Proof of:
    • Social Security number.
    • Identity.
    • NM residency.
      • Check out the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division's list of acceptable documents.
        • DO NOT bring highlighted documents—the MVD will reject them.
  • Required New Mexico motorcycle licensing fees (see below for details).

Motorcycle Education in New Mexico

Completion of the Basic RiderCourse is mandatory for motorcycle license and endorsement applicants, EXCEPT for riders who are 18 years old or older—for these applicants, the course is optional.

Regardless of age, once you successfully complete the course, you will be exempt from the written test and basic skills test requirements with the MVD.

In the course you'll learn valuable riding skills, including:

  • Strategizing the safest path for riding.
  • Communicating with other drivers on the road.
  • Making smooth turns and stops.
  • Dealing with emergencies.

You can sign up for a MSF course approved by the NM Motor Vehicle Division through the  Motorcycle Safety Foundation . Take a look at the MSF website for information on the different courses you can take and how to enroll in them.

NM Motorcycle License Fees

Fees for motorcycle endorsements and licenses in New Mexico vary, and are currently only available by contacting the Motor Vehicle Division. Please contact your local MVD branch for information regarding motorcycle endorsement and licensing fees.

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