Dealer Forms in New Mexico

If you are in the process of opening a new dealership (or any business involving vehicles), you will need to complete a mountain of paperwork. It can literally be a scavenger hunt at times to track everything down, so we have compiled all the forms you will need to complete.

  • Inspection Certificate of Dealer/Dismantler Place of Business (Form MVD-10178): A form that requires the applicant to submit a barrage of photographs of their business, supply a county or city license, and provide certification from the local zoning board.
  • Applicant Information (Form MVD-10036): Everyone involved in the enterprise will need to be listed on this form along with all of their basic info, including address, Social Security number, title, and date of birth.
  • Applicant Affidavit (Form MVD-10037): This is a basic questionnaire that allows you come clean on any past dealer license revocations or felonies. It needs to be filled out by every member of the organization. The form also authorizes the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) to run a background check on all of the members.
  • Place of Business Affidavit (Form MVD-10038): A continuation of the questionnaire theme, except this time it relates solely to the business structure itself.
  • Vehicle Dealer or Auto Recycler Bond (Form MVD-10175): In order to operate a dealership and possess a dealer's license, you must put down bond. This form is essentially the contract between the owners of the dealership and the state.

Once you have the dealer's license, there are a few forms you will deal with on a consistent basis, especially considering you will need to renew the license each year.

Once a year you will have to undergo a mini-application process just to ensure that you are meeting the requirements of the original license. This form also allows you to make any changes to the original license and purchase more dealer license plates or temporary tags.

The Letter to Dealers and Auto Recyclers explains which form you will need to complete, the long form or short form. Both are provided below.

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