Suspended CDL in New Jersey

Commercial Driver License Suspension in New Jersey

In New Jersey, if you violate a traffic law, the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) and/or courts may suspend your commercial driver’s license (CDL). You may also face fines, a permanent revocation, or even imprisonment.

Your New Jersey CDL can be suspended for reasons that include:

  • Accumulating too many points on your driver record.
  • Being at fault in a fatal accident.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs/alcohol.
  • Reckless driving.
  • Failing to provide proof of NJ car insurance.

About Your Suspended CDL in NJ

The length of your New Jersey CDL suspension will depend on your violation. In addition to any NJ DMV suspensions, you may also be subject to federal regulations controlled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which include:

  • License disqualifications and related fines for violating out-of-service orders.
  • Suspensions and disqualifications that can range from 60 days to life for:
    • Violating railroad-highway grade crossings.
    • Excessive speeding and reckless driving.
    • Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs/alcohol.
    • Leaving the scene of an accident you are involved in.

NOTE: If you receive a traffic conviction, you are required to notify your employer within 30 days of the conviction.

Visit the FMCSA website for information regarding federal regulations and penalties.

Endorsement Suspensions

The MVC can suspend or revoke your existing passenger (P) endorsement if your medical, criminal, or driver history shows any of the following:

  • Failure to provide proof of 3 years of driving experience.
  • 12 points or more on your driver record.
  • A DUI conviction.
  • An offense involving deviant or illicit social behavior.
  • Using or threatening bodily force, or any crime or offense indicative of bad moral character.
  • A diabetic condition.
  • A serious heart condition.
  • Medical condition that may cause loss of consciousness.
  • Failure to meet vision standards.

You will receive a notice of suspension, and you may request a conference to contest the decision.

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DUI Commercial Driver’s License Suspensions

DUI infractions are serious business, especially when you’re driving a commercial vehicle.

If you are convicted of a DUI while driving a commercial vehicle, the penalties can range anywhere from a 1-year suspension to being revoked for life. You also face additional fines, penalties, and legal fees.

If you are driving a passenger vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher, you will be charged with a DUI and your CDL will be suspended:

  • 1st offense: 1-year CDL suspension, plus 3-12 month basic driver license suspension.
  • 2nd offense: Permanent CDL revocation, plus 2-year suspension of your basic driver’s license.

You may also face additional court convictions, which may include:

  • Additional suspensions.
  • Jail time.
  • Mandatory community service.
  • Fines.

For more information, contact the New Jersey MVC’s CDL Unit at (609) 292-7500, extension 5077.

NOTE: Your CDL can also be suspended or revoked if you commit a traffic violation in a non-commercial vehicle.

New Jersey Intoxicated Driver Program

If you are convicted of an alcohol-related traffic offense, you MUST complete an Intoxicated Driver Program (IDP) at an Intoxicated Driving Resource Center (IDRC). Failure to complete the program may result in additional license suspension time and even jail time.

As part of the IDP, you will need to complete mandatory Alcohol and Highway Safety Education courses. You may also need to undertake drug/alcohol treatment if the IDRC finds it necessary.

For more information about the Intoxicated Driver Program, visit the NJ MVC website.

DMV.ORG Tip: Are you getting the right legal advice?

Whether it’s a DUI-related offense or not, having your license suspended is very serious. That’s why it’s so important to get sound legal advice and proper representation. If you have a quick question, or would like a free consultation with an attorney, our certified partners are happy to oblige.

Restore Your CDL in New Jersey

To restore your CDL, you must fulfill the NJ MVC requirements, your court summons (if applicable), and submit proof you have paid all fines to the MVC.

Once your CDL suspension period has elapsed, you’ll receive a “Notice of Restoration” within 7-10 business days. Once you have received this notice, you will need to pay a $100 fee to reinstate your CDL.

You can pay:

  • Online (a credit card convenience fee will be applied).
  • In person at one of the following New Jersey MVC offices:
    • Newark.
    • Paterson.
    • Wayne.
    • Trenton.
    • Eatontown.
    • West Deptford.
  • By mail by sending a check or money order to:
      New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
      P.O. Box 140
      Trenton, NJ 08650-0140

For additional restoration requirements, please refer to your suspension notice or contact the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission.

Fees to Reinstate Your New Jersey CDL

It will cost you $100 to restore your suspended commercial driver’s license in New Jersey.

You may also need to pay additional court fines/penalties depending on your offense. Please check your suspension notice to check your reinstatement requirements.

Accepted Payment Methods

The New Jersey MVC accepts the following payment methods:

  • Online: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit card.
    • NOTE: An online convenience fee will apply.
  • In person:
    • VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit/debit cards.
    • Check.
    • Money order.
    • Cash.
  • By mail: Check or money order.
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