Types of Special License Plates in New Jersey

SUMMARY: Types of New Jersey Specialty Plates

If you live in New Jersey, you can choose from a wide range of specialty license plates, including personalized tags, organization and charity plates, and military license plates.

Read below to learn more about types of specialty license plates offered by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).


Personalized Plates in New Jersey

The New Jersey personalized license plates cost $50 PLUS your standard registration fees.

Your personalized message must contain:

  • A minimum of 3 letters.
  • No more than 7 characters.

You can check the availability of a license plate number and order personalized plates online on the NJ MVC online personalized plate request website.

Organizational License Plates

New Jersey offers specialty plates for dozens of different organizations, schools, charities, and interests.

Community Organization Tags

License plates that support various community and service organizations are available from the NJ MVC, including:

  • Kiwanis International.
  • Fraternal Order of Police.

The fees vary for community organization plates and are given entirely to the specific organization.

Contact the New Jersey MVC at (609) 292-6500 for fees, personalization availability, and other details.

Special Cause License Plates

Dedicated plates for special causes are also issued by the NJ MVC. Available license plates include the:

  • Organ Donor license plate.
  • Olympic Spirit plate.
  • Liberty State Park tag.
  • Discover NJ History plate.

You'll pay additional fees for dedicated special cause plates. These fees help support the cause represented on the license plate.

  • Initial fee:
  • Renewal fee:
    • $10 PLUS standard renewal fees.
    • $15 for the USS New Jersey Battleship plate.
    • Agriculture plates are free.

Personalization is available for an ADDITIONAL $100.

Collegiate Tags

The New Jersey MVC offers several specialty plates to show support for your college or university alumni organization.

Collegiate plates are available for:

Fees for collegiate plates vary and go to the college's alumni association.

Contact the New Jersey MVC by phone at (609) 292-6500 for more information about collegiate plates, or see our Special Plates Application page.

Sporting License Plates

If you are a sports fan, there are a number of different plates you can order from the NJ MVC to show support for your favorite team.

NOTE: Sports license plate fees are charged IN ADDITION to standard registration fees and renewal fees.

The following sporting plates are available in New Jersey:

  • NHL teams.
    • $60 to order.
    • $25 to renew.
  • NFL teams in New York and Pennsylvania.
    • $60 to issue the plate.
    • $25 renewal fee.
  • Area NBA teams.
    • $60 plate fee.
    • $25 fee to renew.
  • Some MLB teams.
    • $60 for the plate.
    • $25 to renew.
    • $60 to order.
    • $25 renewal.

You CANNOT order sports plates if you have certain convictions, including driving under the influence (DUI) or reckless driving. Visit the individual plates pages above for more information.

Professional NJ Tags

The New Jersey MVC issues specialty plates for various occupations and volunteer positions.

Professional plates include:

  • Chiropractor.
  • Dentist.
  • Press.

The fee for professional plates is $50 PLUS usual registration fees. Professional plates (except for the Press plate) can be personalized for an additional $50.

If you are a volunteer worker, you may be eligible for:

  • Firefighter and first aider plates: $15.
  • EMT plates: $25.
  • Amateur HAM radio operator plates: $15.

The license plate fees above are charged IN ADDITION to standard NJ registration fees.

Military Plates in New Jersey

If you are military personnel or a veteran, you can choose from many different specialty plates, including military service organization plates (see above).

Military license plates include:

  • Honor and award plates, such as:
    • The Congressional Medal of Honor tag.
    • The Navy Cross license plate.
  • Combat plates, including:
    • The Prisoner of War (POW) plate.
    • Vietnam Veteran license plate.
  • Military branch plates, for example:
    • USAF Retiree plate.
    • Navy Reserve license plate.
  • The Gold Star Family plate for the immediate family of a fallen service member.

Eligibility for Military Plates

You can only apply for a plate that reflects your own military service record. For example:

  • To get a Purple Heart plate, you must have received the Purple Heart Award.
  • To get a Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) plate, you must be a member of the VFW.

NOTE: The Gold Star Family plate is available ONLY to the immediate family members of military personnel killed while serving.

You must submit proof of your eligibility for military plates, such as your:

  • Discharge papers.
  • Military ID.
  • A letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

For more details about applying for military plates, see our Special Plates Application page.

Fees for Military Plates

Any fees for military license plates are paid IN ADDITION to standard vehicle registration fees.

Fees are based on the plate type:

  • Branch of service plates: $25.
  • Combat Infantryman Badge plate: $15.
  • Congressional Medal of Honor plate: Free.
  • Disabled veteran plate: $15.
  • Gold Star Family plate: Free.
  • National Guard plate: $15.
  • Navy Cross plate: $15.
  • POW plate: Free.
  • Silver Star plate: Free.
  • VFW plate: $30.

Classic Car Plates in NJ

The NJ MVC offers vintage license plates to vehicles that meet eligibility requirements.

Your vehicle is eligible for a Historic plate if it is:

  • At least 25 years old.
  • Used ONLY for exhibition purposes.
  • Unaltered from the manufacturer's original design.
  • Equipped for legal operation on NJ roadways.

Your vehicle is eligible for a Street Rod plate if it:

  • Was manufactured before 1949.
  • Is registered in a NJ street rod club OR National Street Rod Association affiliate club.

Fees for vintage plates are:

  • $44 for Historic plates.
  • $15 for Street Rod plates.

Our Special Plate Application page has more information about how to obtain antique plates in New Jersey.

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