Salvaged Vehicles in New Jersey

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A vehicle might be declared salvage when an owner or insurer determines that it will cost more to fix it after a collision than the vehicle is worth. A salvage title will be issued by the Motor Vehicle Commission, after which the vehicle can't be registered.

If you repair a salvage vehicle and want to put it back on the road, the state will first conduct a vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection to make sure none of the component parts (or the car itself) were stolen.

Repairing and retitling a salvage vehicle can be difficult, with a lot of paperwork involved, so be sure to keep all documents showing where you bought the parts you used to resuscitate the vehicle. Also take "before" photos as soon as you come into possession of the vehicle; you'll need them later when you have the repaired car inspected.


Apply for a Salvage Title

To apply for a salvage title in New Jersey, you will need:

  • The certificate of title assigned to your insurance company.
  • Payment for the $60 title fee and $25 penalty fee, if applicable.
  • A completed insurance listing sheet (Form BA-28) and statement from the insurance company specifying how the vehicle was acquired.

Submit the above to one of the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission offices that process salvage titles.

For more information about salvage titles, visit the NJ MVC website.

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