Replacing a Lost Registration in New Jersey

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Replacing a Lost New Jersey Registration

If your New Jersey registration or license plates are lost, stolen, or damaged, you can request replacements from the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).

If your license plates are damaged, you can get replacements by mail.

However, if they are lost or stolen, you'll need to go in person to the MVC to get new plates immediately.

If you need a duplicate vehicle title, see our page Replacing a Lost Title in New Jersey.

How to Replace a New Jersey Registration

A NJ registration certificate must be replaced in person at any motor vehicle agency office.

You will need:

  • Proof of your age and identity, such as your NJ driver's license.
  • A NJ insurance card OR your receipt from a previous registration or title transaction.
  • The  Vehicle Application Registration (Form BA-49), which is available at your NJ MVC office.
    • NOTE: ALL owners listed on the title must sign the form.
  • Payment for the duplicate registration fee:
    • Passenger or commercial registration for 1 year: $5.
    • Accelerated registration:
      • $11 during the first 3 years.
      • $5 in the last year.

Replacing a Leased Vehicle Registration

If your vehicle is leased and you need a replacement registration, you will need to request power of attorney (POA) from your leasing company. You will need to provide:

  • Your name.
  • A statement that authorizes you to sign the replacement registration application.
  • The vehicle's vehicle identification number (VIN), make, and model.

The leasing company can supply you with the POA or they can fax it directly to the MVC. For fax numbers please call the MVC at (609) 292-6500.

For a replacement registration, in addition to the POA,  you will need:

  • Your New Jersey driver's license or ID.
  • Proof of insurance OR a registration or title transaction receipt.
  • The  Vehicle Application Registration (Form BA-49), available at the MVC.
  • Payment for replacement fees.

How to Replace NJ License Plates

If your license plates are damaged, lost or stolen and you want to purchase duplicates, you can do in person.

Replacing Damaged Plates

To request a replacement license plate you need to visit the MVC and bring:

  • The vehicles current registration.
  • Your identification.
  • Surrender your damaged plate(s).
  • Pay the replacement fees:
    • $6 for standard plates.
    • $11 for special interest or dedicated plates.

If you wish to obtain a replacement plate with the same number, you will also need to fill out a Application for Remaking of an Existing Licensing Plate (Form SP89) Your duplicate plates should arrive by mail in about 12 weeks. 

Replacing Lost or Stolen Plates

If your license plates are lost or stolen you must replace them and report the loss or theft to the New Jersey MVC.

NOTE: Stolen plates should also be reported to your local police.

To get replacement license plates, you'll need to go in person to a Motor Vehicle Commission office with:

  • Your registration certificate.
  • Your ID.
  • Payment for fees:
    • $6 for standard plates.
    • $11 for special interest or dedicated plates.

At the MVC, you will complete a Vehicle Registration/Plate Status Form (Form BA-1), which you must keep as proof that you reported the missing license plates to the MVC.

Reporting Lost or Stolen Plates

You must report lost or stolen license plates. If the plates from your current vehicle are lost or stolen:

  • Report the theft to your local police.
  • Obtain replacement plates from the NJ MVC.

If you are NOT the current vehicle owner, you must notify the MVC in writing with a signed statement that describes what happened and includes:

  • The police report number.
  • Your name.
  • Your mailing address
  • The stolen license plate number.

The statement should be sent to:

Motor Vehicle Commission
Customer Advocacy Office
P.O. Box 403
Trenton, NJ 08666

You will receive verification that your statement was received and that the license plate status has been updated.

Out-of-State Replacement

You must request a replacement registration or license plate in person.

However, if you are out of state, you can give your notarized consent to someone who is not the vehicle owner and have that person request a replacement at the NJ MVC on your behalf.

Your representative will need a notarized consent statement, signed by all vehicle owners, as well as the other documents required for a replacement registration or license plates.


Remaking of an Existing Licensing Plate
Request a replacement license plate from the New Jersey MVC if yours is lost or destroyed.
Vehicle Registration/Plate Status
Notify the MVC of your lost or stolen New Jersey license plates. Form available at MVC offices. Not available online.
Registration Application
Request a replacement NJ registration if yours has been lost. Form must be obtained from an MVC office. Not available online.

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